How to Apply Appropriate Concealer on Face

Use of makeup is needed to make the face look not dull while supporting the appearance of every woman. One important item in makeup is a concealer to cover the dull parts on the look. If you have never applied makeup before, try to see the right way in the following concealer usage.

Use the Foundation to Face Before Using Concealer

For the initial step, use the foundation before applying concealer. The use of foundation as a makeup base will make blending concealer with skin so much easier.

Choose the Right Concealer Color

If you want to use a concealer to cover eye bags, choose a color that is 1 level brighter than the skin color. That way, the concealer color will match the skin color of the face that has been wearing the foundation.

Create an inverted triangle pattern with concealer

To cover the eye bag with concealer, create an upside-down triangle pattern then fill the pattern with concealer. This will make the makeup more natural than just covering the eye bag.

Blending Concealer

Next, do the blending process or flatten the concealer on the face. Use a brush, beauty blender or enough fingers for perfect blending concealer.

Apply Powder

Finally, apply face powder to concealer does not easily fade. Powder that absorbs oil on the face will make the makeup more durable.

Use Brush to Flatten Concealer

However, to flatten the concealer you should use a special brush. The brush will flatten the concealer perfectly, so that no cracks or wrinkles are formed due to the use of concealer. After flattening the concealer with the brush, stick the tissue to absorb the rest of the concealer on the face. Use of this tissue is important when you are wearing a concealer at the bottom of the eye. Because the section generally leaves cracks or patches uneven after applying concealer.

Six steps of concealer usage are enough to make you able to apply concealer like a professional makeup artist. To get maximum results, do not forget to continue to practice the results of the appropriate makeup for your face. Keep practicing! :