five Cosmetic Types to Avoid for Acne Face

A clean and smooth face without acne is every woman’s dream. But because many women feel less confident because of prone skin, many try to cover it with makeup. But what happens, makeup even make the face more prone skin. Here is the makeup to avoid acne prone skin:

Pressed Powder Acne Skin Hazard

Makeup for avoids powder-shaped solids, sticks, and the texture is too creamy. Powder with a texture like that does have more cover coverage but unfortunately can make the face cracking or cracked. “My advice is to use powder if the solid powder makes the face cracking so it looks less good makeup, And if you use powder do not layer, the result is not natural.


The face of acne and oily face is more suitable to use a foundation with matte results rather than dewy results or that give a sparkling facial effect. Dewy look usually contains a moisturizer that is more suitable for dry skin owners. If you really want to use a foundation with dewy results, it’s good to be diligent to justify makeup so that the face does not look oily.

D & C Pigments

Quoted from Skinpatico, one of the potent makeup ingredients to cause acne is a pigment in a red lip tint that is used as a blush on. Some red D & C (Drug & Cosmetic) is called comedogenic material which is derived from coal tar.

Cosmetics Containing Alcohol

Cosmetics that contain alcohol and fragrance or fragrance. Makeup contains alcohol and fragrance can trigger reactions that aggravate acne and oily skin.

Cosmetics Containing Oil

Avoid also cosmetics with ingredients that can make the face feel greasy when worn. For example, the content of example cocoa butter and mineral oil. The content can produce more acne rugs and prone skin more severe.