Five Practical Ways to Take Care of Eyelashes

Mousemats, do you feel obliged not to wear mascara or flick eyelashes while makeup? Actually, I am one of the most uncomfortable mascara or eyelash curler. Maybe it’s because I never get used to it. Since my original eyelashes were thin, short and not flattened, I do not think there’s any use in mascara either. But for you who have long hair, thick and happy to use mascara, consider the 3 practical ways below to get the lashes that remain healthy and beautiful.

Always Clean the Eyelashes

Unlike other body parts, especially this eyelash you should be extra careful to clean it. Especially for you who everyday use mascara, must really clean before sleep you know. And use a mild facial cleanser so it does not cause pain in the eyes.

Avoid False Eyelashes

In addition to the many religious scholars who forbid, false eyelashes also have shortcomings for you who will wear them. One of them is when releasing false lash should slowly, if not then your original lashes will easily be uprooted as well. Also when gluing lash, you need to use glue eyelashes. In the glue contains many chemicals and can cause allergies and irritation. So still want to use the placement eye Mole Moeslemates ?!

Use Conditioner

Just like hair, eyelashes also need a conditioner to grow healthy. In addition, the benefits can also prevent broken lashes that can grow longer. Well, to get special products eyelash conditioner, you can search on the nearest drugstore or buy it online.

Use Candlenut Oil

The hazelnut oil serves to debate and nourish hair. But, you can also apply hazelnut oil to take care of the health of your eyelashes The trick is easy, you simply apply hazelnut oil with a brush for the mascara you used to wear. Apply evenly on the lashes from the base to the tip of the lash.

Consumption of Vitamin E

Lots of benefits derived from eating green vegetables as well as nuts because they contain Vitamin E is good for hair growth. So, starting from now try yuk start to multiply the consumption of green vegetables!