Makeup Tips! How to Use the Right Powder

When you look into the mirror for makeup and see the face is not fresh because the powder looks uneven or even faded, it could be the mood instantly fall off apart. Especially if you want to make a meeting or important presentation. It should not happen if you know tips for long-lasting powder and make a fresh face throughout the day. Need to be understood, applying powder is an important step in the makeup series. The reason, the use of talc will determine whether your entire makeup can last all day or not.

Powder works to create a smoother, less oily, and smoother skin condition. So you can say, the use of other makeup will be in vain if you use the powder the wrong way. While for you who prefer to look natural without excessive makeup, the use of powder was a key determinant of everyday appearance. The reason, the powder can cover the shortcomings of your face, such as black spots, skin inequality, excess oil, to give a brighter and refreshing appearance.For durability and stain-free face, note the following points:

1. Choose Powder Type for Makeup

However, the solid powder also has several types. You can choose the power of solid powder cover as needed. For example, choose light pressed powder when preferring the texture and a lightweight look.

2. Do not Diap

The mistake of women in using powder is when using the powder by rubbing. Indeed, this became the habit of so many women. In fact, for the powder is durable and evenly on the face, the correct application is to press gently to the entire surface of the face.

3. Choose Oil Absorbing

In order for durable powder and make a fresh face throughout the day, choose a powder whose texture can absorb excess oil. In addition to keeping the face fresh, another function is to prevent blackheads that can appear when the pores clog the excess oil in the face.

4. True Touch Up

One day when you have important needs in the afternoon and need a touch up aka reapply makeup, the powder is one of the makeup that can be relied upon. This is because the powder can make the face fresh again while eliminating the effects of the oily face.

5. Apply Sunscreen

Actually, the main enemy of facial skin is sunlight. Not using sunscreen can cause black spots on the face in the future. So, use sunscreen before using powder. Or if you want more practical, you can choose a powder that contains UV protection.