Coping Post Holiday Blues After a Long Holiday

After a long holiday in December, it’s time to go back to the work after a long Holiday. Returning to a daily routine will certainly create a sense of laziness, unmotivated, or even eliminate productivity at all. But for most people (especially those working in high-pressure environments) these circumstances can be quite disruptive to performance. If this lazy work syndrome strikes you and is quite annoying, here are some simple tips from Caption so you can refocus:

Long Holiday

Do Not Push Yourself Work After a Long Holiday

One of the most frequent mistakes after taking a long vacation is to try to get everything done right away. You need time to re-adapt to the environment that suddenly changes. Allow one or two days to adopt again. But keep in mind to re-adapt does not mean you work with laziness.

Rearrange Your Schedule

After dealing with a free day without a routine, you will feel very depressed if you have to go back to the office. The most effective way to reduce it is to start rearranging the daily schedule. Arrange what activities will you do, which job will you do first.

Many people do not realize that they are very dependent on the structures of this kind of activity. When they are on vacation, their scheduled stops, and when they return they lose direction to do what. This causes you to feel less productive, only succeeding in doing a little activity. With a good schedule of activities, you’ll find it easier to get back to working mode. Apply this schedule for one or two days until with your first week back to the office.

Rearrange your Workspace

Returning to a routine means re-engaging with monotonous things. Activities that so-so alone will accelerate the arrival of boredom, especially after you take a long time off. In order for you to feel better, you can try to refresh your workspace. Do not do extreme things like moving a table or chair, just replace your desktop wallpaper with a new one, or by rearranging the items on your desk. Simple changes like this will help you to feel in a new place, so reduce your stress and boredom to the workplace.

Decaf Breakfast

During the long holiday, a person’s mind is in off mode or free from “heavy” thoughts. Upon return to work, the body will be forced back into on mode. It was like being awakened from a long sleep. To return to active mode, it takes more energy. That’s why breakfast very important not to miss. Skipping breakfast time will only make you feel tired faster during the day. Also, make sure to avoid caffeine. Staying up late and consuming excessive coffee will make you more stressful on the first day of work because caffeine works that force the brain to stay alert.

Returning to work routines after a long vacation is a bother. The shadows of relaxed times can be very tempting, but you still have to remember that being productive is important. With the tricks above, restore the spirit of work would be easier.