February 2018

Tips Safe Shopping Tour in Bangkok with Family

Holiday to Bangkok feels incomplete without shopping. In various shopping centers and traditional markets that offer a variety of cheap products that can make anyone crazy. Ranging from fashion items to souvenirs typical of Thailand can be purchased with super prices at various low prices in the city cheap goods market. If you are planning a holiday to Bangkok all shopping tour, here are 5 safety tips when shopping in Bangkok that could be your reference. The following tips


1. Always Bargain Bangkok

The sellers usually raise the price of goods for tourists. So do not hesitate to always bargain the price of goods to buy. Usually, the sellers in Bangkok use a calculator to bargain the price. But remember not to bid too low yes.

2. Use Comfortable Footwear

Shopping for bargains in Thailand can take hours to circle the many shops and markets that sell a variety of goods. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes when you start shopping yes! This is so that the foot does not hurt or pain when it must walk away in a long time.

3. Watch out for Thief

There are many memorial signs this city that alert tourists to potential pickpocketing, especially in crowded areas such as markets, malls and popular tourist sites in Bangkok. Always pay attention to your bag when shopping so no targets of crime huh! If you wear a backpack bag, rotate the position of the bag facing forward. If you wear a sling bag like a sling bag, make sure the position of the bag is always in front.

Shopping in Bangkok is often made for lost time. Given there is a lot of cheap goods market in this city plus the extent that is not kidding. So be sure to get yourself in comfortable clothes and footwear and enjoy. Good luck…

Six Tips and How to Traveling When Sick

Pain traveling when sick is often inevitable. This is certainly very disturbing, it can even affect the travel plan. Here are 6 tips if you are sick traveling when sick.

close up of passenger woman being car sick

Although avoided, ill while traveling often comes without permission. In fact, not infrequently the pain is caused by your own travel activities. For example due to heat, fatigue, or food that is less hygienic.

If you are sick while traveling, here are 6 tips that can be done:

1. Drink plenty of water Traveling When Sick

Buy a 1.5-liter mineral water and drink plenty. After that, do not delay the urge to urinate. Drinking is an effort to remove dirt and body heat through urine. Take the mineral water with you wherever you go. If you feel too heavy, bring mineral water the size of a small bottle. Make sure your body fluids are not drained away, especially when walking.

2. Eat vitamins and medicines

The second thing you need to do is look for vitamin C as an antibody enhancer. Maybe in capsule, caplet, effervescent or cold drink. But for those of you who are sick with flu or a cough, do not drink that cold-cold first yes!

In addition to vitamin C, you also need to buy a multivitamin. Multivitamins can also be obtained in mini-markets or pharmacies. Multivitamins are needed to keep the immune system, so you do not get sick.

If the pain suffered enough disturbing may buy drugs without a prescription usually sold in the mini-market. For example diarrhea drugs, or paracetamol to relieve pain and reduce heat.

3. Expand the rest

Basically, the pain is caused by your lack of rest. Therefore, in any event, try to multiply the rest. While on the trip, for example, you can sleep while waiting to arrive at the destination. Whether on a bus, train, plane, or private car.

4. Do not force itinerary

Whether it’s a personal itinerary or a group, do not force to follow each agenda if you feel your body is not strong. When touring, for example, you should consult with travel agents. Try not to do activities that are too heavy, such as trekking let alone diving. You can not do diving if you are sick, let alone the flu and cough!

Do not hesitate to overhaul the itinerary if it is needed. Find some nearby attractions, and do not need a special ‘struggle’ to get there.

5. Buy fruits

In addition to mineral water and vitamins, do not forget to buy fruits while on the go. Some of the fruits that are practically eaten while traveling are oranges, apples, or pears. Besides full of vitamins, fruits are also rich in water and fiber. You can buy it at a supermarket, mini market, or a traditional local market.

6. Search the nearest clinic

If your condition has not improved as well, try to go to the nearest clinic. You can visit the hospital or health center, just to check the condition of the body. It is also necessary to confirm the illness suffered.

Do not get when traveling inland, you get diseases such as malaria or dengue fever. If it turns out it needs further handling, it’s better to return to your residence city to re-check in the hospital.…

Tips Overcome the Stiff on Foot During the Holidays

Stiff on foot during spend a long weekend by going out with family. Traveling, hiking, or just walking around the mall to enjoy vacation time. How about you? When spending all day outside, not infrequently the legs feel sore when arriving at home, especially if the shoes are less comfortable. The heel becomes the sorest area because it rests the body all day. The following tips you overcome the Stiff on Foot During the Holidays.


Massage can Stiff on Foot

One of the easiest ways if you do not want to bother just by massaging repeatedly. Take olive oil and spread it over the soles of your feet. Then massage slowly and slightly pressed while doing it in the heel area. Apply pressure using the tip of your fingers to keep the muscles taut and the blood circulation becomes smooth.

Soak Feet with Warm Water

One traditional way to relieve the stiffness in the soles of the feet by soaking them with warm water. Warm water can help smooth blood circulation around the soles of the feet. So that the feeling of pallor was eased, especially in the heel area. How to heat water then pour into containers such as basin or bucket. Then soak your feet while pressed-press the soles of his feet using the fingertips.

Wear the Ice Stone

If the heel feels very sore can use ice cubes to work around it. This is an ancient trick that can help relieve the pain. Ice cubes can give a numbing effect so effective to soothe pain in the heel. The way to get ice cubes from the refrigerator then put in a clear plastic bag. Then attach it to the sole of the foot. Press the ice cubes while in the heel area until the stiffness subsides.

Salt Water

Another way that can be done at home to relieve sore on the soles. Of the feet by soaking them with salt water. Salt has a sulfate that can effectively cure pain or inflammation. This can be a powerful way to deal with the stiffness after a day away.

Clove Oil

What about clove oil? Clove oil is used to stimulate blood flow and relieve stiffness. How to take olive oil pour into small containers. Put the cloves into it and let stand briefly. Afterwards, apply to your feet while massaging.


Vinegar has many benefits. Not only that, vinegar can also treat pain in your legs. The way by pouring a few drops of vinegar into a container that has been filled with water. Then soak your feet in it. This becomes a pretty effective way to get rid of aches in the soles of the feet.…