Tips and How to Holiday to Waterfall

Rood the road to the waterfall is exciting and fun. Especially if you can swim and feel the refreshing sensation of water there. Unfortunately, if you want to stay relaxed and happy, then there are some rules and tips that can facilitate the holidays when visiting the waterfall. Due to, most waterfalls in Indonesia need a struggle such as trekking first can find its beauty.


Match footwear for Holiday to Waterfall

Walking with shoes and sandals is a perfect choice. Perhaps some people have survived using a sneaker or regular sandals but this will end up wet, and uncomfortable. In fact, some sandals can make you fall, and this often happens several times is not it? So better balanced with trekking path.

Change Clothes

When visiting a location that has water falling off a cliff, you will definitely feel wet. But that does not mean you can visit here only by using a bikini or shorts because this will make a shame and most local residents are still conservative. So better prepare dry clothes, and if you can use the first swimsuit behind the ordinary clothes. You can swim straight away.

Physically Healthy

It may depend on the waterfall to be visited, but make sure if you’re physically healthy from the trip. Some waterfalls have to pass through trekking or even downstairs.

Bring Important Stuff

Remember, you will probably climb the trees, and will end up wet. So try to bring the important items are usually matched with this condition. For example, raincoat, backpack bag, balm to warm the body.

Respect nature!

If you love with nature, surely you will not want to destroy it with the garbage you will throw away right? So keep the garbage, and also respect the animals during the trip. Good luck.