Tips on Holiday with Family Fun

A nice holiday does not have to go abroad. The location of a holiday in Indonesia is very wide and there are very many beautiful places here that will certainly make your holiday more efficient, fun, and certainly closer to your family. So, for you who want a frugal and fun holiday, let’s read the following tips.


1. Conduct a Vacation Location Survey Holiday

Before you go on vacation, you must decide where you are going. To make sure that the place you want to go to matches your expectations about the holidays or not. Surveys can be done through the internet, travel books, or brochures from travel agents. In addition, by conducting surveys you can start calculating the range of money you need for a vacation to where you are going, and also you can find out if there is a promotion or discount so your willingness to downsize becomes easier.

2.  Make Reservations From Afar

After conducting a survey and already determining your destination, you should now start booking transportation tickets, lodging, or even if there are on-site tour tickets. Usually, if the reservation is made from long before the day of H, you will get a cheaper special price or you can get other interesting offers during your vacation.

 3. Try to go on Holiday

In most tourist attractions, prices during the holiday season or high season will be more expensive than when in the regular season or low season. Therefore, you will be able to save more if you go before or after the holiday season. In addition, you can move freely if you do not in the holiday season, because usually quieter, so you can enjoy your holiday more.

4. Priority Comfort than Luxury

Forget about luxury holidays if you want to save money. But do not get because you are very economical, the holidays become uncomfortable. Give priority to your comfort, whether in choosing a transport, residence, or vacation guide. As long as it’s comfortable, everyone will be happy. And surely it will be more fun if you can vacation comfortably, luxurious, but cheap. Maybe, but rarely.

5. Bring Cash

Always take cash while you are on vacation. Certainly not for the use of spree, but with cash, you’ll be better able to manage your expenses during the holidays. With cash, you can see how much money you have left, so you can think deeper before spending money. If you are afraid of theft, bring enough money, but still, bring debit and credit cards Visa or MasterCard. This is to help you when you need money suddenly.

6. Record Expenses During the Holiday

Do not forget to always record every expense you do even if it’s the slightest. This will help you organize and know where your money is flowing. By knowing it all, we can suppress our possibilities for extravagant and dissipation that make the holidays expensive.

7. Careful in Shopping

This should be your last thought, as this is often the biggest source of your expenses during the holidays. When you go to a vacation place, of course, buy souvenirs and some things are strongly recommended so you can remember your holiday moments but do not make shopping your top priority if you do not want to run out of money in the days of the next vacation.In addition, look for a cheap but good shopping place. Usually shopping in traditional markets will be cheaper and more diverse than souvenir shops.