Traveling Tips with Family Little Budget

In planning a holiday, the most important consideration after a tourist destination is a budget. Vacation does not always have to spend a lot of money. There is much you can do to balance between fulfilling desires while keeping spending. If you want to minimize spending during the holidays, there are some important things to note. Here Caption gives 8 tips on traveling with a minimal budget for you the traveler who wants to save the spawn during the holidays.


1. Research Budget is the Main One

Research is important for anyone who wants to go on vacation, especially for those who want to travel with a minimal budget. Before vacation, you should do research in advance so that expenditure can be measured. With research, you have a picture of spending during the holidays.

2. Using Public Transport

Tips traveling with the next minimal budget is to use public transportation for a vacation. Although not as comfortable as private transportation, using public transportation can reduce the cost of spending during the holidays. Buy transport tickets like buses and trains all the way to get more seat availability. If you really want to use air transportation, book plane tickets all day long, about 5 months to 1 year before. If you suddenly book a plane ticket, then the price will be very expensive.

3. Choose a Night Trip

To save money, you need to be smarter in planning your trip. Included in choosing the time to travel. Some people travel during the day. This is useful because when they arrive at their destination they can directly check-in at the hotel or in that they have pre-booked.

4. Strategically Priced Lodging

You do not have to stay at the hotel. Many cheap lodgings such as special backpacker lodging are very affordable. When you want to keep the cost of staying on vacation, the most important thing is a place to rest. Remember that the ultimate goal is to rest so luxury is not the main thing.


Tips for Choosing Airline For Long Flight

Want a holiday to a faraway place? Make sure you choose the best airline for your transportation. Many may assume that long flights will not be much different from short flights. Because they both buy tickets, sit nicely inside the cabin and land at the destination airport. Since you will spend hours on the plane, you should choose a plane that provides comfort and other services. That will make you comfortable despite having to spend long hours on the plane.


Choice of Food on Airline

In addition to flying on an empty stomach can make you drunk air. That can cause discomfort when it must fly for hours. Almost all airlines serving long-haul flights offer free meals on board for passengers. Although there are airlines that require passengers to order food before flying, airlines with in-flight meals should be your priority in choosing the airline.

Entertainment During Flight

In a short flight of 2 hours, long many passengers are easily bored. If there is no entertainment on the plane. Especially for long flights that the duration of the flight will be over 4 hours more.  Therefore choose airlines that have in-flight entertainment in accordance with the needs, such as listening to music, watching movies to in-flight magazine interesting.

You can compare the entertainment facilities in the airplane one and the other by looking at the website of each airline. However, if you are the type of traveler who sleeps directly when in the cabin, of course, entertainment options on the plane is not too important. So back again on your preference each yes!

In-Air Facilities

You should also be aware of the facilities in the aircraft that will be climbed for comfort when flying. But the problem of comfort is relatively relative because there are many things that support one’s comfort when flying, for example, the material of the seat plane (whether skin or cloth), how much space between seats, how many toilets in it and so forth.…

Tips on Generating Good Photos While Traveling

Currently, Traveling has become an important lifestyle for many people and photos is an important thing to save the moment. Traveling can indeed be one surefire way to return fresh and vibrant in daily activity.


In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery and also tasting a new culinary in an area. Taking a lot of photo during the trip has also become a mandatory thing done traveler to document his journey. Not to mention the presence of social media that can be a fitting container to share the fun. Vacation photos are getting more and more traveler hooked hunt for cool photos during the holidays. Are you among those who like to hunt for cool photos to share in social media? Let’s find out first how the tips to produce good photo when traveling. That can make your social media account more colorful and exist.

1. Notice Lighting During Photos

One of the most important elements in taking photos is lighting. If you take a landscape photo, make sure you do not block the direction of sunlight. To make your photo brighter, clear and look cool.

But you can also make photo look more dramatic by playing with the sun, such as taking photos at sunrise and sunset, or at night. If you take photos indoors, make sure you are not blocking the lights so that the photos you take are clear and well, yes!

2. The Right Angle

In addition to lighting, angle or shooting angle will also affect the photo you take. Try exploring different positions while shooting in order to find the most appropriate angle to highlight the beauty of nature and yourself in the photo.

3. Determine the Pose

If you intend to take a selfie or take pictures with a scenic background, be sure to pose with loose, not too forced let alone use play pose that will make your photo look to the market and not cool.

One of the more trendy photo poses is the back of the camera and facing the opposite direction. But there are many other poses that will make you look natural and the resulting image will also look more interesting.

In addition, to produce good photos when traveling not only have to use a professional camera DSLR classmates. Your smartphone camera can be a powerful weapon to take lots of cool photo during the holidays. The important thing is to enjoy the best holiday moment possible because the purpose of the holiday is to refresh yourself and have fun. Let’s book airfare and hotel soon to your holiday destination…

Tips Safe Shopping Tour in Bangkok with Family

Holiday to Bangkok feels incomplete without shopping. In various shopping centers and traditional markets that offer a variety of cheap products that can make anyone crazy. Ranging from fashion items to souvenirs typical of Thailand can be purchased with super prices at various low prices in the city cheap goods market. If you are planning a holiday to Bangkok all shopping tour, here are 5 safety tips when shopping in Bangkok that could be your reference. The following tips


1. Always Bargain Bangkok

The sellers usually raise the price of goods for tourists. So do not hesitate to always bargain the price of goods to buy. Usually, the sellers in Bangkok use a calculator to bargain the price. But remember not to bid too low yes.

2. Use Comfortable Footwear

Shopping for bargains in Thailand can take hours to circle the many shops and markets that sell a variety of goods. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes when you start shopping yes! This is so that the foot does not hurt or pain when it must walk away in a long time.

3. Watch out for Thief

There are many memorial signs this city that alert tourists to potential pickpocketing, especially in crowded areas such as markets, malls and popular tourist sites in Bangkok. Always pay attention to your bag when shopping so no targets of crime huh! If you wear a backpack bag, rotate the position of the bag facing forward. If you wear a sling bag like a sling bag, make sure the position of the bag is always in front.

Shopping in Bangkok is often made for lost time. Given there is a lot of cheap goods market in this city plus the extent that is not kidding. So be sure to get yourself in comfortable clothes and footwear and enjoy. Good luck…