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Tips on Generating Good Photos While Traveling

Currently, Traveling has become an important lifestyle for many people and photos is an important thing to save the moment. Traveling can indeed be one surefire way to return fresh and vibrant in daily activity.


In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery and also tasting a new culinary in an area. Taking a lot of photo during the trip has also become a mandatory thing done traveler to document his journey. Not to mention the presence of social media that can be a fitting container to share the fun. Vacation photos are getting more and more traveler hooked hunt for cool photos during the holidays. Are you among those who like to hunt for cool photos to share in social media? Let’s find out first how the tips to produce good photo when traveling. That can make your social media account more colorful and exist.

1. Notice Lighting During Photos

One of the most important elements in taking photos is lighting. If you take a landscape photo, make sure you do not block the direction of sunlight. To make your photo brighter, clear and look cool.

But you can also make photo look more dramatic by playing with the sun, such as taking photos at sunrise and sunset, or at night. If you take photos indoors, make sure you are not blocking the lights so that the photos you take are clear and well, yes!

2. The Right Angle

In addition to lighting, angle or shooting angle will also affect the photo you take. Try exploring different positions while shooting in order to find the most appropriate angle to highlight the beauty of nature and yourself in the photo.

3. Determine the Pose

If you intend to take a selfie or take pictures with a scenic background, be sure to pose with loose, not too forced let alone use play pose that will make your photo look to the market and not cool.

One of the more trendy photo poses is the back of the camera and facing the opposite direction. But there are many other poses that will make you look natural and the resulting image will also look more interesting.

In addition, to produce good photos when traveling not only have to use a professional camera DSLR classmates. Your smartphone camera can be a powerful weapon to take lots of cool photo during the holidays. The important thing is to enjoy the best holiday moment possible because the purpose of the holiday is to refresh yourself and have fun. Let’s book airfare and hotel soon to your holiday destination…