Cosmetics and Expiration Period

Cosmetics and Expiration Period

Cosmetic sophistication can make everyone more beautiful when polished. Cosmetic presence becomes the main item while on the move. Confidence appeared instantly behind the cosmetic mask. However, have you ever seen the expiration period of cosmetics that you have been using? How long do you use it? A week? A month? Or for years? Well. You need to be alert with your favourite cosmetic expiration. Want to know its expiry date? The following information about cosmetics and expiry date. Check out yuk and immediately met your favourite cosmetics on your dresser.


The expiration period of eyeshadow can last two years if you use eyeshadow powder. But for eyeshadow made from cream only lasted 18 months. It’s good you are more selective look expired and do not forget to ask about your expiration eyeshadow in the place to buy it.

Eye Liner

Eye Liner is a cosmetic that can give the impression of a larger or more dramatic eye and a very fun and easy to use the product. Usage period for 12 months on eyeliner and on liquid eye within 6 months.


For mascara affairs, do not bear the heart You should be able to give up your favourite mascara if he’s been months. The use of open-close mascara becomes a hotbed where bacteria gather over time. Maybe this is why you often complain of itchy eyes and flushed. A good mascara is used 3 to 4 months after purchase.


The water content in lipstick is low, almost non-existent, but bacterial contamination may still occur due to routine product use in the lip area. Not to mention if you include people who like to try various kinds of lipstick tester on the makeup counter. You should use lipstick not more than 2 years


The powdered and solid products contain little moisture content of botanical extracts that are at risk of being the bacteria to multiply. As with mascara, the powder is where bacteria grow. You should not use powder for more than 2 years

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