Ways Make Up Simple for Everyday

Ways Make Up Simple for Everyday

Make up a face for a woman is like a must. Not just to look beautiful, make up an important face to prevent or eliminate the impression of dull. Dirty and shiny because of oil or excessive sweating due to hot temperatures and the number of body activities. However, there are times when a person feels lazy. Saturated and does not have time to dress up, in a hurry, afraid of being late. Not like dressing up or embarrassed and inferior. If only stay at home anyway, no problem yes?

But what if you have to meet friends or there are other activities outside the home when a sense of lazy with makeup was hit? Then, how do make up a simple and practical for you who have a solid activity, do not have enough time to make up or just want simplicity and for the face feels light? Here’s the tip

Clean Your Face Perfectly

In order to make up attached perfectly and not mixed with oil or dirt on the face, before makeup clean your face. Can by using oxygenated spray or cleansing foam, which suits your habits.

Use Foundation

Apply foundation on facial skin, choose according to your skin type and skin colour. Apply to the entire face and neck and then puree by using a sponge to evenly. The Foundation will make the powder stick longer on the face.

Wear a Powder

The use of loose powder aims to make the foundation more durable. If your facial skin is oily, then the powder will absorb excessive sweat. However, the solid powder is able to close the pores so that the face looks smoother.

Blush On

Apply a blush-on following the cheekbones to produce the perfect cheek colour and disguise the chubby or tapered shape on your face.


If you feel that makeup on the eyes and cheeks/blush on is not mandatory you use, then in addition to powder is commonly used as natural and important makeup is polished on the lips. Lip without lipstick can look pale, and very contrast with the state of a bright face. Use a lipstick with a colour that matches the skin. No need to be too bright and thick, but lipstick will beautify your smile.…

Why Women Do not Need to Make Up Overload

Why Women Do not Need to Make Up Overload

It’s not a new thing, where women like to spend a lot of time making up their faces in front of a mirror with different styles of makeup at every opportunity. It is also commonplace that a considerable monthly expenditure is to buy beauty and cosmetics products. Not all women are born with perfect facial and natural conditions. Therefore makeup can help cover the deficiencies on his face. And of course, make him feel beautiful and confident.

However, many women dress up to attract men’s attention. Either with a beautiful eye shape, lips polished beautifully with a lipstick, in the hope that a man will turn towards her because of her beauty. Yes, that is one of the reasons why women love to apply makeup. This is the reason why many men who like women without excessive makeup.

Not Leaving the Stain

Some people see makeup on the face like colour or paint that can be smudged or erased at any time. And see it as something that is not clean and can leave stains.

Full of Confidence

Of course, women with excessive makeup reflect high self-esteem. So that she does not feel compelled to ‘cover’ herself with excess makeup. Men also like women with natural beauty, that is healthy skin and natural beauty beautification of him without covered by makeup excess.

Makeup Does Not Affect Beauty

In the eyes of men, in fact, they are not too distinguishable if you use eyeliner or not, blush-on or not, because if your partner loves you sincerely, they can still see your natural beauty either when you wear makeup or not. Women certainly have the right to makeup, both body and face to look beautiful. However, try to use a minimalist makeup, which still exudes your natural beauty. So no need to use makeup excessively.

Things That Cause Oily Skin

Things That Cause Oily Skin

A clean, smooth, and non-greasy face is everyone’s dream, especially for women. Oily face is one of the main factors of the occurrence of acne and blackheads because the oily skin is a place where the dust nest, germs, and bacteria that cause acne. If the acne has arisen the level of confidence will decrease. Well, In my article discussing the causes and how to overcome the oily skin effectively. The following causes of oily skin, are:

Heredity Factor (Genetic)

Oily skin can be caused because you have an old man whose face also has excessive oil content. But do not worry because your face has oil that can make the face of the face still look ageless even though age is old.

The Oil Glands Are Very Active

This type of skin will usually produce more oil than other skin types.

Fatty Foods

From a variety of possibilities, fatty or greasy foods if you consume it often and in excess amount can also make your skin oily too.


For some women, if you choose one type of cosmetics can be a factor in your skin becomes oily. If you are not careful and not careful in choosing cosmetics not only your skin will be oily, but also can cause damage to your skin, even can cause skin cancer.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Too often stay up or lack of sleep can cause your face to produce excess oil. By running a healthy lifestyle the oil on the face can be reduced naturally.

Hormones Are Out of Balance

Many women have unbalanced hormones. This unbalanced hormone usually occurs in women who are experiencing puberty or are in pregnancy. It can also cause the skin becomes more oily.

Frequent Stress

If you often experience stress, the hormone cortisol in your body will experience an increase that causes increased oil production in the body. It can also cause your face to be more oily than usual. Therefore it’s good you avoid stress.

Increased Temperature

As during the dry season, during the dry season, the air becomes hotter also causes oil production in the body also increases.

Too Often do Facial Treatment

Many women who are willing to spend a lot of money for facial treatment and trust experts to deal with various skin problems they experience, such as lifting blackheads, treating acne, brighten the skin, to tighten the skin that has begun to slack or wrinkled. Too often use skin care products can also make the skin become more oily.