Should Skin Care At a Very Young Age?

In general, women would want to have a smooth facial skin, free of oil and acne. But sometimes acne often appears unexpectedly. Which is more annoying, although the acne is gone the scars are still left behind. Often it reduces self-confidence. Well, one of the most commonly chosen solutions for women is to go to a beauty clinic to get treatment from a dermatologist. Hopefully, their facial can return to be smooth and smooth.

Do not let them choose the wrong and even damage their skin because lately, it’s a lot of advanced treatments that are harmful to the skin because it contains chemicals that are not safe for the face. Here are the negative impacts of the improper use of facial care both on time and in products:

 Skin Becomes Immune

Skin that is too early to get treatment will be prone to become immune in the future. Maybe you do not feel any effect, but in the future could be your will be immune to care so you do not get the usefulness.

Premature Aging

The young skin has a level of collagen and elasticity is still very good. Battling it with a variety of cosmetics care will only make the facial elasticity shrink and emerge signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Long-Term Irritation

Uneven-age facial treatments can also cause irritation of sensitive skin. In some cases, it can cause acne or purging. Some people who do not handle it properly will instead do a ‘self-care step’ that jeopardizes their condition. If you are irritated, come to a dermatologist, not a beauty doctor, to get the right handling.

Eliminate Natural Beauty

This is the most dangerous. How facial treatments that are too hard for teen facial can dull the natural beauty of your skin. Suppose you had yellow and semi-matte facial, but wanting to be a certain artist, you use a whitening product that makes your facial paled. Maybe for you facially becomes whiter, but actually, you will look older.

Mistakes in Perfume Care for Fragrant Can Last Long

Having a fragrant body at all times is certainly what women want. Because of course, nobody wants if there is no unpleasant aroma out of the body right? Besides yourself uncomfortable, can-can people around so lazy to interact with you. So, using perfume in the morning becomes an important routine to do. But, do not just spray, yes! Apparently, there are special ways and certain habits that actually make fragrance and perfume resistance to be not maximal. To stay fragrant all day, avoid the following perfume use errors, yes!

Not Storing It Right Can Make the Fragrant Fade Easily

Perfume bottles always have a beautiful and elegant design. Fit once to display on your dresser, right? But you should note the position of storage yes because if not careful is not impossible the quality of perfume will decrease without you knowing it. Should avoid putting perfume on the dresser.

Rubbing After Applying to the Wrist

It seems almost everyone must have heard this trick. He said, by rubbing the wrist after spraying perfume can make perfume last longer. But it turns out this is actually a bad impact with your perfume. Perfume generally has 3 notes; top note, middle note, and base note. The heat energy generated from the rubbing of your hands can make the top notes of perfume quickly decomposed. Simply spray the perfume on both wrists and let it dry until dry.

Spraying in the Wrong Places

Notes in perfume are activated by body heat. To get the best fragrant, you must spray perfume on the pulse of the body such as the wrist, behind the ears, chest, and back of the knee. Avoid also to spray the perfume on your clothes. Besides will not last long, spraying perfume on clothes can leave a stain on certain clothing materials. Surely this can also damage the appearance if there is a wet stain on the clothes, right.

Apply to Dry Skin

Want to get a long lasting fragrance? Make sure you spray perfume on the area of the body in damp conditions. Damp skin can ‘bind’ perfumes better. While on dry skin, the perfume will be more easily decomposed so that the fragrance will not last long. You can apply a little petroleum jelly on the part of the body to be sprayed perfume as a primer. In addition, using a moisturizer with the same perfume with perfume will also make perfume last longer.

Wearing too Many Kinds

Every day, how many hair and hair care products do you use? Shower gel, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, until the hair mist you use must have its own fragrance. The fragrance blend of the perfume treatment product you use can collide and create a dizzying aroma. To overcome this problem, try selecting care products that do not have fragrance or have a fragrance that is not too strong. In addition, you can also choose a body care product that is in the same fragrant set.…

Makeup Tips! How to Use the Right Powder

When you look into the mirror for makeup and see the face is not fresh because the powder looks uneven or even faded, it could be the mood instantly fall off apart. Especially if you want to make a meeting or important presentation. It should not happen if you know tips for long-lasting powder and make a fresh face throughout the day. Need to be understood, applying powder is an important step in the makeup series. The reason, the use of talc will determine whether your entire makeup can last all day or not.

Powder works to create a smoother, less oily, and smoother skin condition. So you can say, the use of other makeup will be in vain if you use the powder the wrong way. While for you who prefer to look natural without excessive makeup, the use of powder was a key determinant of everyday appearance. The reason, the powder can cover the shortcomings of your face, such as black spots, skin inequality, excess oil, to give a brighter and refreshing appearance.For durability and stain-free face, note the following points:

1. Choose Powder Type for Makeup

However, the solid powder also has several types. You can choose the power of solid powder cover as needed. For example, choose light pressed powder when preferring the texture and a lightweight look.

2. Do not Diap

The mistake of women in using powder is when using the powder by rubbing. Indeed, this became the habit of so many women. In fact, for the powder is durable and evenly on the face, the correct application is to press gently to the entire surface of the face.

3. Choose Oil Absorbing

In order for durable powder and make a fresh face throughout the day, choose a powder whose texture can absorb excess oil. In addition to keeping the face fresh, another function is to prevent blackheads that can appear when the pores clog the excess oil in the face.

4. True Touch Up

One day when you have important needs in the afternoon and need a touch up aka reapply makeup, the powder is one of the makeup that can be relied upon. This is because the powder can make the face fresh again while eliminating the effects of the oily face.

5. Apply Sunscreen

Actually, the main enemy of facial skin is sunlight. Not using sunscreen can cause black spots on the face in the future. So, use sunscreen before using powder. Or if you want more practical, you can choose a powder that contains UV protection.…

Five Ways to Use Highlighters Correctly and Correctly

In recent years many women have begun to apply highlighter to their makeup. If applied properly, the face looks more proportioned and fresher. Well, in addition to giving the impression of glowing, there are still some other functions of highlighter that you need to know.

In order for the eyes to feel bigger and shining, you can apply a makeup to accentuate features on the face at the bottom of the eyebrow, just above the folds of your eyelids. This trick than able to make the eyes look bigger can also be a frame on the face because the appearance of eyebrows that looked well defined. here’s how to wear highlighter correctly

Apply Highlighter Under Eye

Under the eyes are usually darker than others. For that to put under the eyes is a very recommended to brighten the face. Take a pencil highlight then make an outline on the inside of the eye. This will brighten the eyes, making eye bags more obscure.

Make Higher Pipes

Highlighter can also give the silhouette of the cheeks to be higher. The trick, starting from the tip in the eye, then lowered up to the cheekbone after that pull back the line out the eyes.

Disguise Eye Bags

The highlighter function has many benefits, one of which is to disguise the eye bags. To use a highlighter to disguise the eye bags, you only need to form three dots that make up the eye bags. After that use the finger to blending the three dots.

Use In 2 Main Areas

Okay, so recognize the right product and the right tools, you are now in the application stage. Where is the highlighter applied? Take a look at the photo above, yuk. The white part is where the makeup to accentuate features on the face app is. Never swipe the makeup to accentuate features on the face in dark areas, because it is contouring territory for darker colors.

Powder on Top

After sweeping the highlighter, make sure you lock the formula for long-lasting results with powder or powder setting. In addition to making makeup last longer, the skin will also look more smooth. In order not to ‘damage’ the color of your foundation and makeup to accentuate features on the face, try to select a powder that has no color. This trick is also useful if you accidentally swipe the highlighter too thick.…

Beauty Treatments to Avoid Before the Date

The first date is usually the most decisive moment. In addition to choosing a comfortable Busan, not infrequently there are also doing beauty treatments first before the first date. Are you one of them? If so, make sure you pause a few days between treatments with your first appointment. There are some treatments that have side effects that can affect the appearance. I mean to want to look beautiful, but the side effects if blunders it’s a shame too yes.the following nurses should avoid before the first date:

Not Doing Facial Before the First Date

you who have a problem with acne face will want to appear with a smoother skin on the first date. Starting from a facial by visiting a beauty clinic, or breaking your own acne at home. If you’ve ever done facials, of course already know the effects of facials? After a facial, the skin may become red and flaky. Not to mention in certain cases, facials can cause purging. It’s not a pretty look for a first appointment. To reduce the side effects, give a pause for 7-10 days before dating.

Eyebrow Threading

eyebrows fall apart during the first date? That’s s big no-no! Fortunately, eyebrows can be quickly trimmed with either plucking or threading. Just stop by the salon waxing, straight back neat¬†eyebrows! If you’re thinking of dropping into a waxing salon at the mall just hours before the first appointment, you should undo that intention. Eyebrow threading will leave a reddish mark on the eyebrows. Not to mention, the area that is finished the treatment will be more sensitive so that the use of makeup in the area can cause irritation. Therefore, always give time lag between threading with a date, yes! For redness on the skin, it will generally disappear within 1-2 hours, but for new skin, sensitivity will be reduced the next day. At least, if this treatment, do 1-2 days before.

Teeth Whitening

showing a beautiful smile when the first date, of course, be important to leave a good impression. The beautiful smile feels incomplete without the look of a clean and white teeth. There are several treatments that can be done to get clean white teeth. Can be treated to a doctor, or care with a teeth-whitening kit that can be done alone at home. If you want to whiten teeth, do at least 2-3 days before the date scheduled, yes. Your teeth need time to adjust the color to make the white look natural. In addition, newly bleached teeth will increase their sensitivity. Never mind to eat, to drink water alone can feel pain.

before the First Date

When dating, there may be who want to show the skin look smooth without feathers. Treatment of shaving and waxing becomes the main choice to remove unwanted hair. Waxing often causes the skin to feel sore and itchy. Not infrequently there are also some people who experience irritation and ingrown hair. Sure, it does not spoil the appearance. But the sense of comfort caused may disrupt your date. Give pause for at least 4 – 7 days to relieve skin discomfort. If you prefer to remove the hair with a shave, be sure to do it the day before the date. Remember to use a lot of shaving cream to prevent razor bumps.

Before the First Date

Just like other treatments, hair care also requires a time lag to make the appearance of the hair becomes a settle. If it’s just styling, it may still be safe. But you should avoid treatment in the form of haircuts or haircut. What if your haircut fails? Do you want to wear a hat for a date? To be safer, do a haircut at least 2 weeks before your date.1-2 weeks before the first date.

Four Tips to Avoid Pallor When Using a Nude Lipstick

Nude colored lipstick is one of the most popular colors for women. This nude-colored can make it look more natural. But there are some faces that seem pale when wearing this nude colored. This nude color should require some tricks when applying it to keep it fresh and do not look pale. You can try these 5 tips, anything? Let’s listen first!

Light Brown Nude Lipstick

With a choice of soft nude shades of little peach tanned, our face looks sweet and fresh. Oh, yes, besides always using nude colored lipstick, we should also use the same eye makeup. Namely, a combination of eye eyeliner paint with dark colored eyeshadow, but sheer. With a combination of fairly bold eyes, nude colored lipstick also becomes visible, not pale. If you’re still worried about looking pale, you just need to swipe a little blush on the cheeks. Looks like the color of this one nude quite suitable for all skin tones, yes!

Sheer pink nude

If you have ever heard the term my lips, but better, maybe this one view can be an example. With nude lipstick that has a hint of pink, we seem to appear not wearing any lipstick. Indeed, yes, the reason nude colored lipstick increasingly popular is the end result that looks natural especially for everyday use. With a fairly young color, we balance the makeup with a blush on the cheekbone, so it does not give a pale blush at all. For eye makeup, it seems we are still faithful with eye eyeliner paint, only this time he chose a brown eyeshadow to emphasize makeup in his eye area.

Ultimate Nude

In some definitions, nude is defined as a color similar to skin color. Referring to the definition, it seems our view this one really nude really, yes! The color of the lipstick he wore was almost blended with the color of his facial skin. If you imagine lipstick that has the same color as the color of facial skin, it seems quite strange, is not it? However, it turns out the end result does not seem strange, in fact, we look so pretty and effortless with nude lipstick that he wore. Hmm, it seems the trick must balance the pale lips with a lot of blush on and eye makeup, yes!

Brownish Nude

Hesitate to immediately wear too bright nude lipstick? Take it easy! You can glance at the display with nude shades of dark brown. Although it looks a little too dark to be called a nude. This color will look nude and beautiful if you have tan skin or dark lips, you know! Remember, each color of skin and lips will match the different nude colors as well. For a more formal or dramatic nude look, you can imitate this style that blends the lipstick with heavy smokey eyes makeup.

Glossy Nude

Usually, nude lipstick is always synonymous with a matte texture, but it turns out nude lipstick with glossy finish also looks beautiful, yes! For this nude glossy look, we choose a nude color with a peach feel that looks fresh. Because of its glossy texture, our lips also look more contained and plump. We look very stunning and beautiful because it combines with natural makeup, warm and very glowing! Hmm, it looks like it suits the inspiration of makeup invitation next week!

How to Apply Appropriate Concealer on Face

Use of makeup is needed to make the face look not dull while supporting the appearance of every woman. One important item in makeup is a concealer to cover the dull parts on the look. If you have never applied makeup before, try to see the right way in the following concealer usage.

Use the Foundation to Face Before Using Concealer

For the initial step, use the foundation before applying concealer. The use of foundation as a makeup base will make blending concealer with skin so much easier.

Choose the Right Concealer Color

If you want to use a concealer to cover eye bags, choose a color that is 1 level brighter than the skin color. That way, the concealer color will match the skin color of the face that has been wearing the foundation.

Create an inverted triangle pattern with concealer

To cover the eye bag with concealer, create an upside-down triangle pattern then fill the pattern with concealer. This will make the makeup more natural than just covering the eye bag.

Blending Concealer

Next, do the blending process or flatten the concealer on the face. Use a brush, beauty blender or enough fingers for perfect blending concealer.

Apply Powder

Finally, apply face powder to concealer does not easily fade. Powder that absorbs oil on the face will make the makeup more durable.

Use Brush to Flatten Concealer

However, to flatten the concealer you should use a special brush. The brush will flatten the concealer perfectly, so that no cracks or wrinkles are formed due to the use of concealer. After flattening the concealer with the brush, stick the tissue to absorb the rest of the concealer on the face. Use of this tissue is important when you are wearing a concealer at the bottom of the eye. Because the section generally leaves cracks or patches uneven after applying concealer.

Six steps of concealer usage are enough to make you able to apply concealer like a professional makeup artist. To get maximum results, do not forget to continue to practice the results of the appropriate makeup for your face. Keep practicing! :…