5 Rules You Should Have at Home for a Happy Life

Rules are crucial to ensuring security in society and maintaining order in our homes. Families need regulation to work properly. Children and parents will be able to grow and develop properly if they apply the right regulation.

You may need more than five rules for your family. However, most household regulations can be depreciated into these categories:

Rules that Everyone Should Have a Duty at Home

Any person of old age should apply this rule. Households will continue to run well if all family members influence each other. For this to work well, there are no exceptions. Everyone in the household will have tasks. Although each home duties will vary with each other according to their age and abilities.

Where are you right now?

Children should tell their parents where they are going, their specific plans, and when they will go home. “Schedule changes” for nighttime play should be through effort and honesty – such as having a habit of telling parents whenever they go out and back home in time. This seems like a curb, but it is part of family safety.

Mutual respect

This means, not degrading others in the family. Children or parents may not call other family members with inappropriate words. This action has no tolerance at all in the household. This includes using dirty words. Do you know the meaning of this phrase, “the rewards you can not for free” ?. But not so in a family. Everyone in the family deserves treatment and respect with respect and love.

Speak honestly

No one in the family, young or old, can lie. It is not important for you to be “very honest and innocent.” With some thoughts, make what we say stay friendly and true.

Keep things at home well

Appreciating your home in a non-destructive way is a good rule for all family members. In addition, parents and children should respect the belongings of other family members by asking permission before borrowing an item and returning it to its original state.

The best way to involve the whole family is by making household rules together. If children help in making the rules, they will feel they have a stake and will be more appreciative of the rules. Help them to determine the consequences of the rules. Most parents are surprised to learn how wise their children’s ideas are.

Household rules should not be equated like living in a detention center. Without rules in our lives, it is impossible to live comfortably. If we make the rules at home well, our home life will be happy and comfortable.…

The Most Weird and Unusual Punishment in the World

What is the punishment for someone who is doing a big corruption? Of course, imprisoned then all his assets were confiscated as accountable. Again, what is the penalty for people who violate traffic rules? If not in court, law enforcers will revoke the driver’s license and other important documents. This kind of punishment may be commonplace. So what if a tax corruption would have to buy pizza every week?


Well, below are seven unusual punishments that law enforcers make to the defendant. After being found guilty, some were not jailed. It has to do things that are unique, strange, embarrassing.

1. Punishment for Corruption Tax Money Should Distribute Pizza for 7 Years

Taxes are things we must pay. No matter the position and job. People in the field of marketing, creative, and culinary must pay taxes. Including us as good citizens.

If you do not pay taxes there will be severe penalties. But the owner of Pizza outlets in America is not so. Proven guilty of embezzling Pizza tax money, he was told to redeem all his taxes with pizza. For once a week he had to donate 12 pizzas to the needy.

2. Sending Greeting Cards Apologies for 15 Years

Whatever happens, if bumping a person to death means law enforcement must punish him. Especially if when hit the culprit was drunk. But what happened to Andrew Gaudioso was not so. After crashing and making Thomas Towers Jr. died. Law enforcement just punished him sending postcards.

The judge ruled Andrew guilty. He had to send a postcard of apology for 15 years. Once a week he had to send her, for no reason. By sending a letter he will realize if what he is doing is very harmful to others.

3. Must Make a Romantic Dinner

For some couples, a birthday is very important. They will wait for the couple to say goodbye and give a surprise. But what happens to women in America is not so. Her husband forgot and even went berserk when protested. Even throwing his wife and almost hit her.

The judge ruled the husband guilty. But because the problem did not widen, the husband finally got a unique punishment. She had to buy her a flower, a greeting card, a dinner in a lobster, and a bowling alley. Well, nothing!

4. Condemned Listening to Classical Music for 20 Hours

What happens if you hear very loud music from the car next to you? First it may be normal because you like it too. Second, it may be upset because it interferes with the public interest. Moreover, the masters of the car feel ignorant duck and assume what he did not disturb people.

Finally Andrew Vactor the troublemaker must be willing to get severe punishment from the judge. He must listen to classical music for 20 hours to take responsibility for his behavior. The judge wants him to know if the taste of music is different. If you usually listen to rap music and then suddenly the classic must also be dizzy.

5. Convicted so Homeless for 24 Hours

Nathan Smith steals donations from donors. When caught, the police did not imprison him. But immediately punish him by being a bum for 24 hours. He must know if the money he stole will be to eat the homeless. Because he had stolen he must feel what it feels like to be a bum.

6. Convicted with Chili Spray on the Face

A woman named Diamons T. Gaston deliberately sprayed the pepper liquid into the faces of others. Of course, the person does not accept and ask law enforcers judge Diamons.

The judge decided on a unique punishment for Diamond. He must choose whether he wants to go to jail for 30 days or be sprayed into the face by the victim. Finally, he chose to spray it with chili water.…