Online Grocery Shopping – In Or Out?

Online Grocery Shopping – In Or Out?

With online grocery shopping growing at an astounding rate, with annual sales of $1 Billion now and expected to reach $85 Billion over the next 5 -10 years, the game is changing to capture this market.

There is one company in the South East that has taken on an added step to capture the online grocery shopping business that has already caused an explosion across America.

The company is South Eastern Grocery and they have brought the grocery business into the network marketing arena with MPB Today, they are still in their infancy but are in front of the trend.

In just the last 7 weeks have grown to over 10,000 reps into the marketing team. The question I had is “What would attract someone into the online grocery shopping industry?”

In business, especially ‘network marketing’ there needs to be 4 important factors at work, lets see if MPB Today fits this model…

#1 Is the market expanding? Answer: Yes due to the age of the baby boomers, cost of gasoline, and with most families everyone is working.

#2 Is the economy positioned correctly to succeed? Answer: How many people are looking for a second income source (millions).

#3 Is the product consumable and purchased every month, is the ticket high enough to create a great business? Answer: everyone must eat, average spent per month $449. (creating huge residuals).

#4 Is what separates you apart from others great enough that most can see the benefit of doing business with you,? Answer: no one makes it possible to Eliminate Your grocery bill.

Is it working? Well the company has an 80% retention rate with customers using the service (almost unheard of in the industry). Maybe its too early tell, the company has been in business for just over a year, and the network marketing side of things only for a couple months. What it does have in its favor is what is happening in the network marketing industry, in this economy people are looking for ways to eliminate expenses not add new ones.

With so many companies in the industry that market incredible products, the consumer needs to ask themselves; “Can we afford the new added expense?” This question weighs heavy on almost every family, especially the one handling the budget each month, because of this it makes a huge difference in the opportunity at hand.

Most reps in the industry are tired of the on going monthly auto ship cost, anywhere from $69 – $200 a month, with MPB Today there is none.

With a one time fee of $200 plus only $10 a year for your website, with no monthly auto ship cost to be in business, MPB Today becomes very attractive, and I believe anyone that puts the effort into the system can be earning $500 a week in their first month.

MPB Today is building momentum, will it be around 10 years from now, no one knows; however they seem to be positioning themselves properly and attracting some key net workers in the industry.…

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Online Shopping – Finding The Best Deals In The World

Online Shopping – Finding The Best Deals In The World

As more and more businesses set up shops online, consumers’ shopping habit is gradually changing. People used to do all their shopping on the town, searching for the best deals on the high street, now all of that is changing. The best deal on the high street may not be a good deal when compared to what one can find online. With so many online businesses offering overnight deliveries and express international deliveries, shopping is no longer a local affair.

This opens up a brand new world of opportunities and bargains for the consumers. What it means is that consumers are no longer restricted to what is available in the shops in their area. You can now go online and explore all the new exciting products you’ve never tried or even heard of before. Absolutely anything and everything is within reach. You can buy rechargeable batteries from China and have them shipped to you for free, order custom-made cheesecake from the other end of the country and have it delivered the next day and even handmade cowboy boots straight from the factory located in the middle of nowhere and have them shipped anywhere in the world.

Not only do you have more choices, online shopping makes browsing and price comparison easier too. You have powerful search engines to help you find absolutely anything you might be looking for and massive online shopping websites, where you can browse and compare prices on millions of products offered by hundreds of thousands if not millions of merchants from around the world. You will have reviews written by other consumers to assist you in your decision. Even though the transactions are done online, you will be able to communicate with the sellers directly via phone, emails and even instant messages, which can make the experience feel more safe and personal than shopping the old way.

Shopping on your feet the old way can be exhausting and time consuming although it is still a fun experience to share with friends and families. But if you are just looking to buy something you need, you can get it done online within just a few minutes from your computer or tablet. Not only is it fast, the fact that price comparison is far easier online also means you are going to save a lot of money too. You can compare vendors from around the world to find the best deal. What you will end up with is a price that is significantly lower than what you will find on the high street and a lot of time saved.…

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Which is Better – Online Or Offline Shopping?

Which is Better – Online Or Offline Shopping?

These days, you can buy practically online that could be found offline; from groceries to prescription drugs to clothes; the list goes on. Everyone has their own reasons for choosing whether they prefer to shop online or in a brick and mortar store. No one reason is better than another and the decision is usually centered around what best fits your lifestyle. For example, some disabled people may have to rely on online shopping more if they do not have someone to get the items for them. And someone who prefers locally grown produce may not choose the online option for groceries.

The most obvious factor to consider when deciding if online or offline shopping is better for you is time. If you need something the same day or in less than two days then going to a retail store is clearly the better choice. While a few companies have same or next day shipping, that is not always the case. And the ship date is not always the same as the delivery date. It can take up to ten business days to receive your order when shopping online. That may be worth the wait for you depending on the deal you are getting or other convenience factors. Another thing to think about is price. Sometimes you can find a better price online versus going into a store and vice versa. Looking at offers online and in local ads can help you make the decision. One of the price factors that effects my decision is the shipping cost. It is also the main reason that I do most of my shopping offline. Many online retailers will offer a discount or even free shipping if you spend a certain dollar amount. That amount is usually $50 or more depending on the merchant.

Convenience is another factor to consider and is subjective or open to personal opinion. For some it is more convenient to go to the stores in or around their homes and jobs. Others find not having to leave their homes and still being able to make purchases as a convenience. The reasons and motivations for shopping preferences are endless. In the end, do what is best for you and your wallet. The choice is entirely up to you. Happy shopping!…

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Elegant Salwar Suits for Women for Every Occasion

Elegant Salwar Suits for Women for Every Occasion

There is specific dress for specific occasion, but some dresses are meant to suit every occasion. One such attire for women is Salwar suits. These suits for women for every occasion are also one of the ethnic dresses of India.

These suits were basically worn by the Punjabis, but with the blend of culture, the attire of people also got blended. Among all other dresses worn typically by Indian ladies and girls, suit has been the most popular one. This is because this dress form is very comfortable and relaxing, and the same time gives a touch of elegance to the one who is wearing them, which are what the women most desires. Therefore, today these have been accepted by maximum Indian women, and have even gained popularity internationally.

The designs and patters of the suits have changed very much over the years, but the way of wearing them has not changed much. There has been a significant change in the suits prices as well. Today, we have so many brands which make elegant suits for our ladies. A touch of a dress designer can make the suit price soar even higher. Many designers make special party wear suits for Indian population.

There are, in fact, separate types of suits. From among them, one can select the desired -suits. There are certain suits which are designed for office purpose, while quite others for parties and other occasions. We have suits which are specially meant for some special festivals. Women like to dress themselves in suits on festivals like Holi, Lohri and other similar festivals of India. Sometimes, even in the offices there are special ethnic wear parties or even a ethnic week, in which suits are the most acceptable and welcomed attire.

Apart from giving a trendy and elegant look, suits are also considered sober dresses. The suits prices are also dependent upon the brand and the occasion for which they are made. If you are looking for a special type of modern or designer suit, it is quite obvious that their price will be higher than an ordinary ladies suits or common suit.…

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Order Groceries Online

Order Groceries Online

Say goodbye to long lines at the grocery store and supermarket and also driving in snarls of congested traffic. Order groceries online! It’s safer, easier and more convenient and it also saves time, effort, money and energy.

Ordering groceries online has been made easy with lots of online grocery shopping stores. Before beginning to order groceries online, learn about the ordering, shipping and discounts offered by the chain of national or local supermarkets and see if they have online grocery shopping or can do home delivery for you.

Here are some tips when ordering groceries online

o Check out places to use online grocery services by checking with your regular grocery store or any other local supermarket to see if they do home delivery or offer online grocery shopping. There are a variety of online grocery shopping places like Amazon , , , or . Some of these stores deliver groceries worldwide while others have only regional delivery or have only limited products and mostly do not stock foods that need to be refrigerated and also do not have frozen foods.

o While ordering groceries online, possibly you have a tendency to become over excited and it is likely you could spend more than your budget and in the end regret the whole experience. To avoid this, use the online grocery checkout list and see the sub total at the bottom of the shopping list and if it is beyond your budget, try cancelling the least necessary items.

o Check out the net for online grocery discounts and various other offers that are given by the online grocery store. In this way you can save money and feel satisfied that you are doing something sensible.

o Select stores that have a flexible refund policy. Remember you are not shopping at the real supermarket where you can select your vegetables and fruits, this is ordering groceries online and sometimes you might get a rotten apple or a tomato. So the online grocery stores must be able to refund your money for this type of item. Most online grocery stores will credit to your account if you call their customer care without delay. Some online groceries may require you to send back the non-perishable items in the event of damaged packaging before crediting money or shipping you another item.

o You can save time when shopping for groceries online by remembering the shops that store your last month order. Most of the monthly routine like tea leaves, milk, pulses and more tend to be the same and you do not need to add them to the list every month or each time you order groceries online.

Most online grocery stores have a minimum purchase limit usually of around $40. So shop online only when you enough necessary items for that minimum purchase or else you will end up spending large money by ordering the unnecessary items. Some stores may also waive off the shipping chargers for first time customers if you place an order for a large amount.

Some groceries have same day delivery services while others usually ask for a period of a day or two for delivering the ordered groceries.

Thus ordering groceries online is convenient and time-saving for the people who are really busy and have no time to go to the supermarket.…

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Beautiful Lips and Eyes – Great Bargain Tips

Beautiful Lips and Eyes – Great Bargain Tips

Thick lips – they can be made to look thinner by painting within the natural lip line and covering the remaining area with foundation cream.

Thin lips – if the lips are too thin, the upper lips can be extended a little above the natural lip line but care must be taken to see that the extended portion follows the natural curve of the lips. The lower lip should be full and well-shaped by extending the lip line a little below the natural lipline of the lower lip.

Drooping lips – to perfect this condition, straighten curves with fuller lines to the corners.

Small mouth – Extend the corners of both the lips.


Close set eyes – apply eye shadow to the upper eyelids, blending the shadow upwards and outwards towards the outer corner of the eyes.

Continue to blend until the shadow is considerable fainter in the area of the nose and the eye and some what darker at the outer corner. Then with the help of the brow pencil, draw a line a third away from the inner corner of the eye and extend the line beyond the outer corner. Blend the line so that like the shadow it is faint at the inner corners and darker at the outer corners. Increase the distance between the eyebrows by tweezing to make them appear wider apart.

Deep-set eyes – Use a lighter foundation color immediately above the socket area of the upper eyelids and blend with the foundation color. Do not use eye shadow as the sunken effect will increase instead of decreasing.

Drooping eyes – they can be given a lift by tilting the eye line upwards and outwards before it reaches the outer corner of the upper lid. The shadow should be winged upwards avoiding the area at the outer corner of the eyes.

Round eyes – Make them appear longer by extending eye shadow beyond the outer corner of the eyes.

Bulging eyes – Use a dark shadow and blend it carefully over the prominent part of the upper lids carrying it lightly to the line of the brows.

Small eyes – They can look larger by using two kinds of shadow. Use brown shadow on the lip creases after applying ‘beige’ to the lids.

So, now its just a matter of ten minutes to accentuate the natural beauty of your lips.

To buy all these products online you may visit …

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Shopping Online: Read the Fine Print

Shopping Online: Read the Fine Print

Online shopping offers an ample variety of benefits and advantages but there are some precautions shoppers should take to ensure their shopping experience is a smooth and pleasant success. Online shopping is not generally risky but there are certain important details consumers should pay particular attention to. This article will discuss a few specific areas that any potential online buyer should follow to ensure no errors or mistakes occur with their purchase. These areas include product descriptions, descriptions of payment and shipping options and return policies and/or guarantees.

Check Product Descriptions

The product descriptions in an online store are one of the most important aspects. This is because customers cannot physically inspect the products like they can at traditional stores. Consequently, the consumer must rely on the product descriptions. This is particularly essential when there are similar products available because the subtle differences may not be evident in the images available online. Consumers should pay close attention to the product descriptions to make sure the correct and ideal item is purchased. If the product descriptions are not descriptive enough or do not answer all of the consumer’s questions, one should contact the owner or other relevant customer service to obtain additional information about the product before making a purchase.

Know Payment/Shipping Options

Available payment options should be carefully checked and understood before making a purchase online. This includes both the various types of payment accepted and the total cost of the item including taxes and shipping. Without full comprehension of the shipping information, the customer may make an expensive mistake with an order. To avoid these problems the consumer should first confirm the accepted methods of payment and check the shipping rates and details thoroughly before making a purchase.

Understand Return Policies

Making returns or replacements is one of the most stressful situations when purchasing online. Although returning items online can often be very simple, it varies from case to case and there are a number of complications that can arise. The customer should read the return policy (if there is one) and fine print CAREFULLY before making any purchase. Depending on these policies, the process of making a return or replacement may be a problematical and expensive hassle but at least the customer will not be caught off guard if there is a need to return.…

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