Benefits of Fiber for Body Health

Fiber is one type of substance contained in foods such as fruits and vegetables that play a role to aid digestion. The content in fruits and vegetables can help the metabolism process, especially to smooth movement of food in the intestine. If the lack of fiber then digestion cannot run properly and can cause some disease risk.


It can improve the overall health of the body because it can help the organs of the body to work more normally. Conversely, if the lack of fiber, digestion problems can lead to the risk of certain diseases. The following are the benefits of fiber to the body.

1. Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease

Foods that contain lots of fiber will help the body in managing heart health. This relationship is demonstrated by the benefits of fiber that will help the digestive system work. Good digestion will make the body can get the ideal body weight.

2. Maintain Skin Health

The fiber contained in fruits and vegetables was also very good for maintaining skin health. It can move various types of toxins, bacteria, and fungi that come from food and enter the digestive system. Various types of toxins and other bacteria can reduce skin health such as acne trigger and dull skin. So the consumption of fiber will help the body in maintaining skin health.

3. Preventing Bowel Polyps

Bacteria and fungi that come from food will make the intestine contaminated causing an inflammatory reaction. The ongoing inflammation and no treatment will become a polyp.

4. Preventing Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are diseases caused by swelling of blood vessels in the rectal area. This is triggered by the process of defecation is not fluent than it is too strong push too can cause inflammation around the rectum. If eating fiber regularly then the intestines will work well to process food so that the defecation process becomes more smoothly.

5. Helps Set Blood Sugar Levels

Blood sugar levels will be regulated by the insulin produced by the pancreas. Blood sugar levels obtained from the process of breaking carbohydrates by cells in the blood. if consuming it regularly it can cause the process of absorption of food substances by body organs and blood cells for the better.

6. Helps bowel movement

Many eating fiber can improve the intestinal movement system in processing foods that enter the digestive tract. It can also make the stool softer to make the intestine work normally and not too hard.

7. Lower Cholesterol Levels

Foods that contain fiber can also lower cholesterol levels in the body. Cholesterol levels obtained from various types of foods that contain fat will increase cholesterol in the blood. while it is too high cholesterol can cause the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.