Beauty Treatments to Avoid Before the Date

The first date is usually the most decisive moment. In addition to choosing a comfortable Busan, not infrequently there are also doing beauty treatments first before the first date. Are you one of them? If so, make sure you pause a few days between treatments with your first appointment. There are some treatments that have side effects that can affect the appearance. I mean to want to look beautiful, but the side effects if blunders it’s a shame too yes.the following nurses should avoid before the first date:

Not Doing Facial Before the First Date

you who have a problem with acne face will want to appear with a smoother skin on the first date. Starting from a facial by visiting a beauty clinic, or breaking your own acne at home. If you’ve ever done facials, of course already know the effects of facials? After a facial, the skin may become red and flaky. Not to mention in certain cases, facials can cause purging. It’s not a pretty look for a first appointment. To reduce the side effects, give a pause for 7-10 days before dating.

Eyebrow Threading

eyebrows fall apart during the first date? That’s s big no-no! Fortunately, eyebrows can be quickly trimmed with either plucking or threading. Just stop by the salon waxing, straight back neat eyebrows! If you’re thinking of dropping into a waxing salon at the mall just hours before the first appointment, you should undo that intention. Eyebrow threading will leave a reddish mark on the eyebrows. Not to mention, the area that is finished the treatment will be more sensitive so that the use of makeup in the area can cause irritation. Therefore, always give time lag between threading with a date, yes! For redness on the skin, it will generally disappear within 1-2 hours, but for new skin, sensitivity will be reduced the next day. At least, if this treatment, do 1-2 days before.

Teeth Whitening

showing a beautiful smile when the first date, of course, be important to leave a good impression. The beautiful smile feels incomplete without the look of a clean and white teeth. There are several treatments that can be done to get clean white teeth. Can be treated to a doctor, or care with a teeth-whitening kit that can be done alone at home. If you want to whiten teeth, do at least 2-3 days before the date scheduled, yes. Your teeth need time to adjust the color to make the white look natural. In addition, newly bleached teeth will increase their sensitivity. Never mind to eat, to drink water alone can feel pain.

before the First Date

When dating, there may be who want to show the skin look smooth without feathers. Treatment of shaving and waxing becomes the main choice to remove unwanted hair. Waxing often causes the skin to feel sore and itchy. Not infrequently there are also some people who experience irritation and ingrown hair. Sure, it does not spoil the appearance. But the sense of comfort caused may disrupt your date. Give pause for at least 4 – 7 days to relieve skin discomfort. If you prefer to remove the hair with a shave, be sure to do it the day before the date. Remember to use a lot of shaving cream to prevent razor bumps.

Before the First Date

Just like other treatments, hair care also requires a time lag to make the appearance of the hair becomes a settle. If it’s just styling, it may still be safe. But you should avoid treatment in the form of haircuts or haircut. What if your haircut fails? Do you want to wear a hat for a date? To be safer, do a haircut at least 2 weeks before your date.1-2 weeks before the first date.