Tips Overcome the Stiff on Foot During the Holidays

Stiff on foot during spend a long weekend by going out with family. Traveling, hiking, or just walking around the mall to enjoy vacation time. How about you? When spending all day outside, not infrequently the legs feel sore when arriving at home, especially if the shoes are less comfortable. The heel becomes the sorest area because it rests the body all day. The following tips you overcome the Stiff on Foot During the Holidays.


Massage can Stiff on Foot

One of the easiest ways if you do not want to bother just by massaging repeatedly. Take olive oil and spread it over the soles of your feet. Then massage slowly and slightly pressed while doing it in the heel area. Apply pressure using the tip of your fingers to keep the muscles taut and the blood circulation becomes smooth.

Soak Feet with Warm Water

One traditional way to relieve the stiffness in the soles of the feet by soaking them with warm water. Warm water can help smooth blood circulation around the soles of the feet. So that the feeling of pallor was eased, especially in the heel area. How to heat water then pour into containers such as basin or bucket. Then soak your feet while pressed-press the soles of his feet using the fingertips.

Wear the Ice Stone

If the heel feels very sore can use ice cubes to work around it. This is an ancient trick that can help relieve the pain. Ice cubes can give a numbing effect so effective to soothe pain in the heel. The way to get ice cubes from the refrigerator then put in a clear plastic bag. Then attach it to the sole of the foot. Press the ice cubes while in the heel area until the stiffness subsides.

Salt Water

Another way that can be done at home to relieve sore on the soles. Of the feet by soaking them with salt water. Salt has a sulfate that can effectively cure pain or inflammation. This can be a powerful way to deal with the stiffness after a day away.

Clove Oil

What about clove oil? Clove oil is used to stimulate blood flow and relieve stiffness. How to take olive oil pour into small containers. Put the cloves into it and let stand briefly. Afterwards, apply to your feet while massaging.


Vinegar has many benefits. Not only that, vinegar can also treat pain in your legs. The way by pouring a few drops of vinegar into a container that has been filled with water. Then soak your feet in it. This becomes a pretty effective way to get rid of aches in the soles of the feet.