Tips Safe Shopping Tour in Bangkok with Family

Holiday to Bangkok feels incomplete without shopping. In various shopping centers and traditional markets that offer a variety of cheap products that can make anyone crazy. Ranging from fashion items to souvenirs typical of Thailand can be purchased with super prices at various low prices in the city cheap goods market. If you are planning a holiday to Bangkok all shopping tour, here are 5 safety tips when shopping in Bangkok that could be your reference. The following tips


1. Always Bargain Bangkok

The sellers usually raise the price of goods for tourists. So do not hesitate to always bargain the price of goods to buy. Usually, the sellers in Bangkok use a calculator to bargain the price. But remember not to bid too low yes.

2. Use Comfortable Footwear

Shopping for bargains in Thailand can take hours to circle the many shops and markets that sell a variety of goods. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes when you start shopping yes! This is so that the foot does not hurt or pain when it must walk away in a long time.

3. Watch out for Thief

There are many memorial signs this city that alert tourists to potential pickpocketing, especially in crowded areas such as markets, malls and popular tourist sites in Bangkok. Always pay attention to your bag when shopping so no targets of crime huh! If you wear a backpack bag, rotate the position of the bag facing forward. If you wear a sling bag like a sling bag, make sure the position of the bag is always in front.

Shopping in Bangkok is often made for lost time. Given there is a lot of cheap goods market in this city plus the extent that is not kidding. So be sure to get yourself in comfortable clothes and footwear and enjoy. Good luck