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5 Natural Ways to Overcome Eye Pouch

5 Natural Ways to Overcome Eye Pouch

Eye bags can interfere with one’s appearance, the cause itself varies. Although, in some people, eye bags can arise because of the age factor. But in some other people, the existence of these pockets is precisely triggered stress. Sleep deprivation, unhealthy lifestyles, and unbalanced diet.

The eyes that are the windows of the soul will reflect on how your patterns and lifestyles are. Whatever the reason, the average woman certainly hates eye bags because it will make their faces dull and even look ageing. Appearance so unattractive due to the eyes that look. But do not worry, we share tips to overcome them. Here are some great ways to eliminate eye bags. Check it out.

Drinking Enough Water

When you do not drink enough water. Salt or salt in the body can trigger the occurrence of eye bags. Things happen usually when you are having a hard day. Eating salty foods, or even after crying. So, drinking enough water is essential for removing salt from the body and reducing eye bags. Ideally, you are required to consume at least 8 glasses or the equivalent of 2 L each day.

Put the Cucumber Slices

Putting something cold in your eyes will relax and reduce eye bags. If you do not have cold cucumber slices. You can use chunks of potato or chamomile or peppermint tea bags that have been used. This treatment also acts as an aromatherapy and will relax your mind.

Cover with Makeup

When you need an instant trick to help hide your eye bags. You can cover it with makeup. Use concealer to cover eye bags. Then apply foundation, wipe flat, until you get the maximum result.

Sleep Well

If you do not want eye bags to be a permanent problem. Then make sure you sleep and rest sufficiently every day. If you, often burden your eyes with heavy things.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one factor as well to keep your appearance stunning. So, what you eat will also reflect the condition of your skin and face.

Experts recommend a balanced diet. Which can prevent premature ageing and keep eye bags far? You should also stop smoking and consume alcohol and reduce junk food consumption.…

3 Tips on Choosing the Right Blush On

3 Tips on Choosing the Right Blush On

For the last touch, blush on to make your face look radiant and fresh. In some makeup tips that you read or watch you always hear things like above right?. Maybe the editorial sentence is different but the point is the use of blush. On is one part of makeup that cannot be left behind.

The blush on indeed aims to give the impression of glow and fresh on our faces. But be careful if you do not know how to use it might not you add more beautiful but even looks tacky. Or vice versa even not effect at all due to wrong selection of colours. Not only that the use of a less precise blush can also cause acne problems on the skin.  Here are tips that can help you to choose the right blush on

Adjust to Skin Type

Wearing any cosmetic tools, recognizing skin types and using products that match your skin type is the most important thing. Because if we use products that do not fit the skin type can cause problems on the skin such as acne, or blackheads. So also in choosing blush on.

Adjust to Skin Tone

You do not want the blush on you to use to make your make up look excessive right? Hence adjust the blush to the colour you choose with your skin colour. Just because someone looks beautiful with a colour then we imitate it when the skin colour is different. This will certainly give different results. Just adjust it to your skin colour. For yellow skin, the recommended colour is baby pink. Baby pink makes the face more flushed and natural. In addition to the baby pink colour, you can also use peach colour to produce a tapered effect on the face.

Choose a Good Brush or Brush

Brush quality is also the very decisive application of blush on the face. So choose a good quality brush or brush. Good quality blush brushes are usually made of animal fur. Do not use a powder puff to put blush on because the color will not blend well.

Those are the 3 main tips for choosing blush on to fit and fit for us. It’s up to you to use which brand, which is important to match your skin and not a fake product.…

How to Brighten Your Skin with a rice mask

How to Brighten Your Skin with a rice mask

During this time the rice is known as a source of carbohydrates for the body. Anyway, not taste full if not yet eat rice made from rice. Well, in addition to filling. It turns out this rice has another function.  Powder or face mask made from rice has been used since time. Immemorial by princess noble to care for the skin to smooth. Smooth and bright natural. Yes, it turns out that rice has a content that can be a powerful bleach face mask. Note that the original rice is used which does not contain preservatives. Bleach, and other hazardous materials.

Benefits of Rice Mask

With the use of rice masks on a regular basis, so many benefits that we will get. Of course, it takes patience in the process because of the use of natural. Ingredients in beauty treatments are very different from chemical beauty products. Where the results are more quickly visible. Here are the benefits of a rice mask for skin care:

  • Helps whiten skin naturally
  • Prevent free radicals (UV rays) cause damage
  • Accelerate the regeneration process of new skin cells
  • Brighten the skin from the deepest layers
  • Eliminate black spots and spots acne scars
  • Overcome the excess oil on the face
  • Kills germs and acne-causing bacteria
  • Smooth the rough skin with scrubs.

Make rice masks

  • Take 2 to 3 spoonfuls of flour mixed with honey to taste. Stir evenly into a paste
  • Instead of honey can also use pure milk, olive oil, yoghurt, lemon juice or even egg whites
  • Make enough rice masks for one use.
  • For use of the next rice mask, please make a new mixture again

Use of Rice Mmask

  • Make sure the face is clean from dust, wash with warm water until facial pores open
  • Apply rice mask to all parts of the face. Let stand for 20 to 30 minutes
  • Rinse face with warm water until clean then with cold water so that pores face back close
  • Dry your face with a soft towel while patted. Do not rub it because facial skin can be irritated

To get a bright facial skin and free of acne, do it regularly at least once a week. After using the face mask from the rice. Apply a moisturizer so that the skin is not dry. Do not forget also to consume water at least 8 glasses a day to keep skin hydrated and always moist.

Cosmetics and Expiration Period

Cosmetics and Expiration Period

Cosmetic sophistication can make everyone more beautiful when polished. Cosmetic presence becomes the main item while on the move. Confidence appeared instantly behind the cosmetic mask. However, have you ever seen the expiration period of cosmetics that you have been using? How long do you use it? A week? A month? Or for years? Well. You need to be alert with your favourite cosmetic expiration. Want to know its expiry date? The following information about cosmetics and expiry date. Check out yuk and immediately met your favourite cosmetics on your dresser.


The expiration period of eyeshadow can last two years if you use eyeshadow powder. But for eyeshadow made from cream only lasted 18 months. It’s good you are more selective look expired and do not forget to ask about your expiration eyeshadow in the place to buy it.

Eye Liner

Eye Liner is a cosmetic that can give the impression of a larger or more dramatic eye and a very fun and easy to use the product. Usage period for 12 months on eyeliner and on liquid eye within 6 months.


For mascara affairs, do not bear the heart You should be able to give up your favourite mascara if he’s been months. The use of open-close mascara becomes a hotbed where bacteria gather over time. Maybe this is why you often complain of itchy eyes and flushed. A good mascara is used 3 to 4 months after purchase.


The water content in lipstick is low, almost non-existent, but bacterial contamination may still occur due to routine product use in the lip area. Not to mention if you include people who like to try various kinds of lipstick tester on the makeup counter. You should use lipstick not more than 2 years


The powdered and solid products contain little moisture content of botanical extracts that are at risk of being the bacteria to multiply. As with mascara, the powder is where bacteria grow. You should not use powder for more than 2 years

6 Ways to Reduce Wrinkles on the Face

6 Ways to Reduce Wrinkles on the Face

The appearance of wrinkles or wrinkles in the area of the skin at a young age (20 to 30 years). Is one sign of the onset of symptoms of premature ageing. Usually the appearance of wrinkles on the face caused by genetic factors. Or because of lifestyle and eating patterns are not healthy. So that the collagen in the skin will be reduced. And the skin becomes loosened and lose elasticity. Wrinkles on the face that is often seen is wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes.

For women, the appearance of wrinkles on the face is a nightmare. Because with the appearance of wrinkles on the face, then someone will look older than his age. There are actually many ways to remove wrinkles on the face. Ranging from natural, cosmetic use, or by advanced technological methods. Immediately see some ways or tips to overcome the following facial wrinkles:

Avoid Sun Exposure

Sun exposure is a major factor in the appearance of signs of ageing on the face. Including the appearance of wrinkles. Sunlight contains ultraviolet which causes free radicals that can cause damage to skin cells. Resulting in skin cancer. In addition, ultraviolet light can also increase the enzyme metalloproteinase. This enzyme metalloproteinase can break down the collagen in the skin. Resulting in wrinkles in the area of the skin.

Do not Wrink Face Too Often

Unconsciously, sometimes we wrinkle face to show an expression. But you know, if the facial wrinkle too often can cause wrinkles or wrinkles on the face.

Consumption 8 Cups Water

In addition to overcoming dehydration. The benefits of water are very much at all for the health of our bodies. One of them is as a facial beauty medicine. By regularly consume 8 glasses of water a day. Then the skin moisture will be maintained. So that our facial skin avoids wrinkles or wrinkles.

Consumption of Food Containing Collagen

To get a chewy face and free of wrinkles, you can eat foods that contain high collagen. Collagen is a protein substance in the body that serves to maintain skin elasticity and reduce environmental impacts that can cause the skin to wrinkle.

Facial Gymnastics

Do facial gymnastics is one effective method to eliminate wrinkles in the skin of the face. You can set aside a little time to do facial gymnastics every day. Such as movement or light massage. Effects obtained from facial exercises will not be seen directly, but it takes perseverance and patience. Facial gymnastics method is also quite easy. You can search for tutorials on youtube or browse on google.

5 Excess Lip Stain Compared Lipstick

5 Excess Lip Stain Compared Lipstick

Having smooth and seductive lips becomes an additional plus for the look of women. To get it all, women usually use lipstick. Lip stain or lip tint is a relatively new type of product for this type of cosmetics. You may often use lipstick, but it does not provide long-lasting colour. In contrast to lip tint or lip stain that will give the colour on the lips longer. This type of lipstick is basically a crayon that will leave colour on the lips for hours.

There are many reasons why today women should stop using lipstick. And switch to lip stain for a new look and more trendy. There are several advantages of lip stain compared lipstick that you can see in the article below.

Durable Color

Lip tint or lip stain is more durable than lipstick. This lip colour is made specifically to colour the lips. Or as a lip colour that can remain attached throughout the day on your lips. Having a formula that lasts for hours makes you not have to constantly apply it to the lips.

Not Easy to Lost

Lip tint or lip stain will not go away easily even if you rub your lips, eat or drink. Some types of lip tint will last more than 8 hours without fading. Currently, lip tint also you can find a waterproof made that will hold when exposed to water.

Has Pain

Lipstick that has a strange taste is different from lip stains that have flavour and aroma. Lips stain usually has a taste like candy and aroma like candy. You will not even stop wetting your lips to feel the taste of lip stain.

Not Leaving the Sign on the Lips

Many women feel annoyed when they get lipstick on their teeth or lips. When using lipstick, lipstick usually will be left behind or give a striped shape on the lips that will be very disturbing.

Look More Natural

Lip stain has many different colours from lipstick. On lip stain, you can find a natural brown colour that will make the lips look more natural. All these colours are perfect for your lips. Unlike lipstick, with lip stain will not make lips look like using a lipstick.…

How to Make Up for the Look Slanted Eyes

How to Make Up for the Look Slanted Eyes

We are born with different eye shapes. Some have small and narrow eyes, others have large, round eyes. For those who have small and narrow eyes tend to have the desire to have bigger eyes. And round because for some beautiful women is synonymous with eyes that are round and large like the eyes of Indian women.

But for those who already have big eyes, even want to have eyes that look slit. There are those who like the eyes are more narrow like the Chinese. But there is also the occasional want to change the appearance by making eye makeup to look more narrow. Make eye makeup look slicker also done by people who may be a too big eye. Lots of we find, and we read either in the beauty sites or youtube tutorials or tips to make eye make up bigger, but rarely provide tips to make the eyes look more slanted.

Previously you have to prepare a set of tools makeup or eyeshadow colourful. Because later will be combined so that eyes look slit and keep fresh and cheerful. In addition to eyeshadow, you should prepare 2 eyeshadow brushes rounded edges (flat), 2 small eyeshadow brush, 1 small blending brush (round). Well, now we are going to explain the steps how to make eye makeup look more slanted.

  • Wipe the eyeshadow base across the eyelids, and give eyeshadow just below the eyebrow arch. In order for the eyes look slim use lime green eyeshadow with a round-tipped brush. Starting from the outer end to the tip in the calyx as high as the curve of the eyeball.
  • Use black eyeliner from the outer edge of the eye to the inside, just up to 3/4 only, the inner end of the eye does not need to be given eyeliner. Similarly, the bottom of the eyelid. This is to make eyes look smaller.
  • Use eyeliner more straight than usual to frame the eyes.
  • With a small eyeshadow brush, give shading to the eyes with a dark matte brown eyeshadow. Brush on the outer edge of the eye, blend inward but give it a bit thick at the outer end. Blend also toward the outer corner of the lower eye. With a blending brush, blend the brown colour outwards and slightly toward the inside.
  • Add a shiny creme eyeshadow with a small eyeshadow brush on the inside tip of the eye, blending inwards in the eyelid.
  • Use false eyelashes to further reinforce your eyes
  • Can add or stick the Scott formed a line so the eyes look slit.
  • Apply makeup to the edge of the face.