Mistakes in Perfume Care for Fragrant Can Last Long

Having a fragrant body at all times is certainly what women want. Because of course, nobody wants if there is no unpleasant aroma out of the body right? Besides yourself uncomfortable, can-can people around so lazy to interact with you. So, using perfume in the morning becomes an important routine to do. But, do not just spray, yes! Apparently, there are special ways and certain habits that actually make fragrance and perfume resistance to be not maximal. To stay fragrant all day, avoid the following perfume use errors, yes!

Not Storing It Right Can Make the Fragrant Fade Easily

Perfume bottles always have a beautiful and elegant design. Fit once to display on your dresser, right? But you should note the position of storage yes because if not careful is not impossible the quality of perfume will decrease without you knowing it. Should avoid putting perfume on the dresser.

Rubbing After Applying to the Wrist

It seems almost everyone must have heard this trick. He said, by rubbing the wrist after spraying perfume can make perfume last longer. But it turns out this is actually a bad impact with your perfume. Perfume generally has 3 notes; top note, middle note, and base note. The heat energy generated from the rubbing of your hands can make the top notes of perfume quickly decomposed. Simply spray the perfume on both wrists and let it dry until dry.

Spraying in the Wrong Places

Notes in perfume are activated by body heat. To get the best fragrant, you must spray perfume on the pulse of the body such as the wrist, behind the ears, chest, and back of the knee. Avoid also to spray the perfume on your clothes. Besides will not last long, spraying perfume on clothes can leave a stain on certain clothing materials. Surely this can also damage the appearance if there is a wet stain on the clothes, right.

Apply to Dry Skin

Want to get a long lasting fragrance? Make sure you spray perfume on the area of the body in damp conditions. Damp skin can ‘bind’ perfumes better. While on dry skin, the perfume will be more easily decomposed so that the fragrance will not last long. You can apply a little petroleum jelly on the part of the body to be sprayed perfume as a primer. In addition, using a moisturizer with the same perfume with perfume will also make perfume last longer.

Wearing too Many Kinds

Every day, how many hair and hair care products do you use? Shower gel, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, until the hair mist you use must have its own fragrance. The fragrance blend of the perfume treatment product you use can collide and create a dizzying aroma. To overcome this problem, try selecting care products that do not have fragrance or have a fragrance that is not too strong. In addition, you can also choose a body care product that is in the same fragrant set.…