Five Ways to Use Highlighters Correctly and Correctly

In recent years many women have begun to apply highlighter to their makeup. If applied properly, the face looks more proportioned and fresher. Well, in addition to giving the impression of glowing, there are still some other functions of highlighter that you need to know.

In order for the eyes to feel bigger and shining, you can apply a makeup to accentuate features on the face at the bottom of the eyebrow, just above the folds of your eyelids. This trick than able to make the eyes look bigger can also be a frame on the face because the appearance of eyebrows that looked well defined. here’s how to wear highlighter correctly

Apply Highlighter Under Eye

Under the eyes are usually darker than others. For that to put under the eyes is a very recommended to brighten the face. Take a pencil highlight then make an outline on the inside of the eye. This will brighten the eyes, making eye bags more obscure.

Make Higher Pipes

Highlighter can also give the silhouette of the cheeks to be higher. The trick, starting from the tip in the eye, then lowered up to the cheekbone after that pull back the line out the eyes.

Disguise Eye Bags

The highlighter function has many benefits, one of which is to disguise the eye bags. To use a highlighter to disguise the eye bags, you only need to form three dots that make up the eye bags. After that use the finger to blending the three dots.

Use In 2 Main Areas

Okay, so recognize the right product and the right tools, you are now in the application stage. Where is the highlighter applied? Take a look at the photo above, yuk. The white part is where the makeup to accentuate features on the face app is. Never swipe the makeup to accentuate features on the face in dark areas, because it is contouring territory for darker colors.

Powder on Top

After sweeping the highlighter, make sure you lock the formula for long-lasting results with powder or powder setting. In addition to making makeup last longer, the skin will also look more smooth. In order not to ‘damage’ the color of your foundation and makeup to accentuate features on the face, try to select a powder that has no color. This trick is also useful if you accidentally swipe the highlighter too thick.…