Four Tips to Avoid Pallor When Using a Nude Lipstick

Nude colored lipstick is one of the most popular colors for women. This nude-colored can make it look more natural. But there are some faces that seem pale when wearing this nude colored. This nude color should require some tricks when applying it to keep it fresh and do not look pale. You can try these 5 tips, anything? Let’s listen first!

Light Brown Nude Lipstick

With a choice of soft nude shades of little peach tanned, our face looks sweet and fresh. Oh, yes, besides always using nude colored lipstick, we should also use the same eye makeup. Namely, a combination of eye eyeliner paint with dark colored eyeshadow, but sheer. With a combination of fairly bold eyes, nude colored lipstick also becomes visible, not pale. If you’re still worried about looking pale, you just need to swipe a little blush on the cheeks. Looks like the color of this one nude quite suitable for all skin tones, yes!

Sheer pink nude

If you have ever heard the term my lips, but better, maybe this one view can be an example. With nude lipstick that has a hint of pink, we seem to appear not wearing any lipstick. Indeed, yes, the reason nude colored lipstick increasingly popular is the end result that looks natural especially for everyday use. With a fairly young color, we balance the makeup with a blush on the cheekbone, so it does not give a pale blush at all. For eye makeup, it seems we are still faithful with eye eyeliner paint, only this time he chose a brown eyeshadow to emphasize makeup in his eye area.

Ultimate Nude

In some definitions, nude is defined as a color similar to skin color. Referring to the definition, it seems our view this one really nude really, yes! The color of the lipstick he wore was almost blended with the color of his facial skin. If you imagine lipstick that has the same color as the color of facial skin, it seems quite strange, is not it? However, it turns out the end result does not seem strange, in fact, we look so pretty and effortless with nude lipstick that he wore. Hmm, it seems the trick must balance the pale lips with a lot of blush on and eye makeup, yes!

Brownish Nude

Hesitate to immediately wear too bright nude lipstick? Take it easy! You can glance at the display with nude shades of dark brown. Although it looks a little too dark to be called a nude. This color will look nude and beautiful if you have tan skin or dark lips, you know! Remember, each color of skin and lips will match the different nude colors as well. For a more formal or dramatic nude look, you can imitate this style that blends the lipstick with heavy smokey eyes makeup.

Glossy Nude

Usually, nude lipstick is always synonymous with a matte texture, but it turns out nude lipstick with glossy finish also looks beautiful, yes! For this nude glossy look, we choose a nude color with a peach feel that looks fresh. Because of its glossy texture, our lips also look more contained and plump. We look very stunning and beautiful because it combines with natural makeup, warm and very glowing! Hmm, it looks like it suits the inspiration of makeup invitation next week!

Tips to Use Red Lipstick to Look Elegant

One of the most important tips on how to wear red lipstick is to match your skin tone. Ever seen a friend wear red lipstick that looks very beautiful when worn, then you try to use the same color and the result is not in accordance with what your friends wear? That’s because everyone’s skin color is different, you need to make a little adjustment.

Like someone who has a cool undertone will match the blood red lipstick, while for you who have undertone warm will be more suitable with shades of true match lipstick or red toward orange.

Use Concealer Before Wearing Red Lipstick

lipstick will make you look chic nan trendy, but sometimes there are moments where your red lipstick color is too lit and not suitable for certain events. You can outsmart by using foundation, or if you want more secure you can use concealer to remove everything to red.

Use the Foundation

In order for the color of the lips look more clear, you must coat the lips by using foundation or powder. In addition, using this make-up base makes red lipstick more durable and can shape your lips more perfectly.

 Lips Form

Before use lipstick, use lip liner or lipstick brush to form lips. Lip liners or lipstick brushes to make the lipstick look neat and follow the structure of the lips. You can form thick or thin lips using a lip liner

Use a Lipstick Brush

Do not apply lipstick directly from the tube. This will make lipstick on the lumps clot so that the color is not flat. Use a lipstick brush, so the result is perfect and neat.

Make-up of Minimalist Eyes

Lightly colored lipstick with minimalist and simple eye makeup. Neither the use of blush-on, you should use a light color or do not use a cheek color to make your makeup impression more natural and natural.

Do not Mix lipstick With Inappropriate Colors

Try matching red lipstick with gold to soften or add pink to slightly bluish effect. But do not combine lipstick with dark and orange because it will make your lips look too bright and less attractive to look at.

Wear  lipstick Neatly

Avoid wearing lipstick in a hurry or in a gentle place for example in a car. This can result in the appearance of a smeared lipstick.

Do Not Use Red Lip Liner

If your lip liner has a matching color with your lipstick then there will be no problem. However, if the lip liner color does not match your lipstick, it will create a two-color effect on your lips. If you like to use liners, try to use colors that match your natural lip color

Do not Let the Color of Red Lipstick Stuck in the Teeth

Instead, after applying the lipstick put your finger in the mouth, then wrinkle the lips around the fingers then slowly pull the finger out to remove the excess color.

Similarly tips on using red lipstick to look elegant so that your appearance interesting. Good luck!…