Should Skin Care At a Very Young Age?

In general, women would want to have a smooth facial skin, free of oil and acne. But sometimes acne often appears unexpectedly. Which is more annoying, although the acne is gone the scars are still left behind. Often it reduces self-confidence. Well, one of the most commonly chosen solutions for women is to go to a beauty clinic to get treatment from a dermatologist. Hopefully, their facial can return to be smooth and smooth.

Do not let them choose the wrong and even damage their skin because lately, it’s a lot of advanced treatments that are harmful to the skin because it contains chemicals that are not safe for the face. Here are the negative impacts of the improper use of facial care both on time and in products:

 Skin Becomes Immune

Skin that is too early to get treatment will be prone to become immune in the future. Maybe you do not feel any effect, but in the future could be your will be immune to care so you do not get the usefulness.

Premature Aging

The young skin has a level of collagen and elasticity is still very good. Battling it with a variety of cosmetics care will only make the facial elasticity shrink and emerge signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Long-Term Irritation

Uneven-age facial treatments can also cause irritation of sensitive skin. In some cases, it can cause acne or purging. Some people who do not handle it properly will instead do a ‘self-care step’ that jeopardizes their condition. If you are irritated, come to a dermatologist, not a beauty doctor, to get the right handling.

Eliminate Natural Beauty

This is the most dangerous. How facial treatments that are too hard for teen facial can dull the natural beauty of your skin. Suppose you had yellow and semi-matte facial, but wanting to be a certain artist, you use a whitening product that makes your facial paled. Maybe for you facially becomes whiter, but actually, you will look older.

Beauty Treatments to Avoid Before the Date

The first date is usually the most decisive moment. In addition to choosing a comfortable Busan, not infrequently there are also doing beauty treatments first before the first date. Are you one of them? If so, make sure you pause a few days between treatments with your first appointment. There are some treatments that have side effects that can affect the appearance. I mean to want to look beautiful, but the side effects if blunders it’s a shame too yes.the following nurses should avoid before the first date:

Not Doing Facial Before the First Date

you who have a problem with acne face will want to appear with a smoother skin on the first date. Starting from a facial by visiting a beauty clinic, or breaking your own acne at home. If you’ve ever done facials, of course already know the effects of facials? After a facial, the skin may become red and flaky. Not to mention in certain cases, facials can cause purging. It’s not a pretty look for a first appointment. To reduce the side effects, give a pause for 7-10 days before dating.

Eyebrow Threading

eyebrows fall apart during the first date? That’s s big no-no! Fortunately, eyebrows can be quickly trimmed with either plucking or threading. Just stop by the salon waxing, straight back neat¬†eyebrows! If you’re thinking of dropping into a waxing salon at the mall just hours before the first appointment, you should undo that intention. Eyebrow threading will leave a reddish mark on the eyebrows. Not to mention, the area that is finished the treatment will be more sensitive so that the use of makeup in the area can cause irritation. Therefore, always give time lag between threading with a date, yes! For redness on the skin, it will generally disappear within 1-2 hours, but for new skin, sensitivity will be reduced the next day. At least, if this treatment, do 1-2 days before.

Teeth Whitening

showing a beautiful smile when the first date, of course, be important to leave a good impression. The beautiful smile feels incomplete without the look of a clean and white teeth. There are several treatments that can be done to get clean white teeth. Can be treated to a doctor, or care with a teeth-whitening kit that can be done alone at home. If you want to whiten teeth, do at least 2-3 days before the date scheduled, yes. Your teeth need time to adjust the color to make the white look natural. In addition, newly bleached teeth will increase their sensitivity. Never mind to eat, to drink water alone can feel pain.

before the First Date

When dating, there may be who want to show the skin look smooth without feathers. Treatment of shaving and waxing becomes the main choice to remove unwanted hair. Waxing often causes the skin to feel sore and itchy. Not infrequently there are also some people who experience irritation and ingrown hair. Sure, it does not spoil the appearance. But the sense of comfort caused may disrupt your date. Give pause for at least 4 – 7 days to relieve skin discomfort. If you prefer to remove the hair with a shave, be sure to do it the day before the date. Remember to use a lot of shaving cream to prevent razor bumps.

Before the First Date

Just like other treatments, hair care also requires a time lag to make the appearance of the hair becomes a settle. If it’s just styling, it may still be safe. But you should avoid treatment in the form of haircuts or haircut. What if your haircut fails? Do you want to wear a hat for a date? To be safer, do a haircut at least 2 weeks before your date.1-2 weeks before the first date.

five Cosmetic Types to Avoid for Acne Face

A clean and smooth face without acne is every woman’s dream. But because many women feel less confident because of prone skin, many try to cover it with makeup. But what happens, makeup even make the face more prone skin. Here is the makeup to avoid acne prone skin:

Pressed Powder Acne Skin Hazard

Makeup for avoids powder-shaped solids, sticks, and the texture is too creamy. Powder with a texture like that does have more cover coverage but unfortunately can make the face cracking or cracked. “My advice is to use powder if the solid powder makes the face cracking so it looks less good makeup, And if you use powder do not layer, the result is not natural.


The face of acne and oily face is more suitable to use a foundation with matte results rather than dewy results or that give a sparkling facial effect. Dewy look usually contains a moisturizer that is more suitable for dry skin owners. If you really want to use a foundation with dewy results, it’s good to be diligent to justify makeup so that the face does not look oily.

D & C Pigments

Quoted from Skinpatico, one of the potent makeup ingredients to cause acne is a pigment in a red lip tint that is used as a blush on. Some red D & C (Drug & Cosmetic) is called comedogenic material which is derived from coal tar.

Cosmetics Containing Alcohol

Cosmetics that contain alcohol and fragrance or fragrance. Makeup contains alcohol and fragrance can trigger reactions that aggravate acne and oily skin.

Cosmetics Containing Oil

Avoid also cosmetics with ingredients that can make the face feel greasy when worn. For example, the content of example cocoa butter and mineral oil. The content can produce more acne rugs and prone skin more severe.


Five Practical Ways to Take Care of Eyelashes

Mousemats, do you feel obliged not to wear mascara or flick eyelashes while makeup? Actually, I am one of the most uncomfortable mascara or eyelash curler. Maybe it’s because I never get used to it. Since my original eyelashes were thin, short and not flattened, I do not think there’s any use in mascara either. But for you who have long hair, thick and happy to use mascara, consider the 3 practical ways below to get the lashes that remain healthy and beautiful.

Always Clean the Eyelashes

Unlike other body parts, especially this eyelash you should be extra careful to clean it. Especially for you who everyday use mascara, must really clean before sleep you know. And use a mild facial cleanser so it does not cause pain in the eyes.

Avoid False Eyelashes

In addition to the many religious scholars who forbid, false eyelashes also have shortcomings for you who will wear them. One of them is when releasing false lash should slowly, if not then your original lashes will easily be uprooted as well. Also when gluing lash, you need to use glue eyelashes. In the glue contains many chemicals and can cause allergies and irritation. So still want to use the placement eye Mole Moeslemates ?!

Use Conditioner

Just like hair, eyelashes also need a conditioner to grow healthy. In addition, the benefits can also prevent broken lashes that can grow longer. Well, to get special products eyelash conditioner, you can search on the nearest drugstore or buy it online.

Use Candlenut Oil

The hazelnut oil serves to debate and nourish hair. But, you can also apply hazelnut oil to take care of the health of your eyelashes The trick is easy, you simply apply hazelnut oil with a brush for the mascara you used to wear. Apply evenly on the lashes from the base to the tip of the lash.

Consumption of Vitamin E

Lots of benefits derived from eating green vegetables as well as nuts because they contain Vitamin E is good for hair growth. So, starting from now try yuk start to multiply the consumption of green vegetables!…