Should Skin Care At a Very Young Age?

In general, women would want to have a smooth facial skin, free of oil and acne. But sometimes acne often appears unexpectedly. Which is more annoying, although the acne is gone the scars are still left behind. Often it reduces self-confidence. Well, one of the most commonly chosen solutions for women is to go to a beauty clinic to get treatment from a dermatologist. Hopefully, their facial can return to be smooth and smooth.

Do not let them choose the wrong and even damage their skin because lately, it’s a lot of advanced treatments that are harmful to the skin because it contains chemicals that are not safe for the face. Here are the negative impacts of the improper use of facial care both on time and in products:

 Skin Becomes Immune

Skin that is too early to get treatment will be prone to become immune in the future. Maybe you do not feel any effect, but in the future could be your will be immune to care so you do not get the usefulness.

Premature Aging

The young skin has a level of collagen and elasticity is still very good. Battling it with a variety of cosmetics care will only make the facial elasticity shrink and emerge signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Long-Term Irritation

Uneven-age facial treatments can also cause irritation of sensitive skin. In some cases, it can cause acne or purging. Some people who do not handle it properly will instead do a ‘self-care step’ that jeopardizes their condition. If you are irritated, come to a dermatologist, not a beauty doctor, to get the right handling.

Eliminate Natural Beauty

This is the most dangerous. How facial treatments that are too hard for teen facial can dull the natural beauty of your skin. Suppose you had yellow and semi-matte facial, but wanting to be a certain artist, you use a whitening product that makes your facial paled. Maybe for you facially becomes whiter, but actually, you will look older.