Why Women Do not Need to Make Up Overload

Why Women Do not Need to Make Up Overload

It’s not a new thing, where women like to spend a lot of time making up their faces in front of a mirror with different styles of makeup at every opportunity. It is also commonplace that a considerable monthly expenditure is to buy beauty and cosmetics products. Not all women are born with perfect facial and natural conditions. Therefore makeup can help cover the deficiencies on his face. And of course, make him feel beautiful and confident.

However, many women dress up to attract men’s attention. Either with a beautiful eye shape, lips polished beautifully with a lipstick, in the hope that a man will turn towards her because of her beauty. Yes, that is one of the reasons why women love to apply makeup. This is the reason why many men who like women without excessive makeup.

Not Leaving the Stain

Some people see makeup on the face like colour or paint that can be smudged or erased at any time. And see it as something that is not clean and can leave stains.

Full of Confidence

Of course, women with excessive makeup reflect high self-esteem. So that she does not feel compelled to ‘cover’ herself with excess makeup. Men also like women with natural beauty, that is healthy skin and natural beauty beautification of him without covered by makeup excess.

Makeup Does Not Affect Beauty

In the eyes of men, in fact, they are not too distinguishable if you use eyeliner or not, blush-on or not, because if your partner loves you sincerely, they can still see your natural beauty either when you wear makeup or not. Women certainly have the right to makeup, both body and face to look beautiful. However, try to use a minimalist makeup, which still exudes your natural beauty. So no need to use makeup excessively.

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