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10 Free iPhone Apps for Fashionable Online Shoppers

ByLucille Wood

Jun 25, 2022

10 Free iPhone Apps for Fashionable Online Shoppers

Daily Street Snaps

If you love street styles, this is a must-download app for you. It gives you fresh & live street snaps of cool bags, clothes & styles. The app is updated daily with new snaps for you to be inspired.

Ask A Stylist

Sometimes, you just need expert advice on your fashion choices. With this app, you can take a picture of yourself and ask your style question to receive an answer from real stylists, in minutes. So whether you need advice getting dressed in the morning or deciding what to buy at the mall, Ask A Stylist, your handheld personal stylist, has you covered.

Ralph Lauren Collection – Spring 2011/Fall 2011 Fashion Shows

Experience the glamorous world of Ralph Lauren Collection through this app. Among other things, you can view video highlights of the Ralph Lauren Collection from the new Fall 2011 runway show and the recent Spring 2011 runway show, get a closer look at the season’s styles with Lookbook feature, discover the Fall 2011 Collection Trend Report and take a closer look at the season’s most glamorous styles.

ColorBlast! Lite

ColorBlast! lets you create dynamic black and white photos with selected areas of colour by simply brushing in the area of interest. You will thank this app when you want to find out whether you should also get that dress in another colour! Just take a picture of the dress and open it in ColorBlast! to change it to a different colour.

vPhotoNote Lite (Photo + Note)

Sometimes, you want to add a little note about that photo of the jacket you took so when you look at the photo the next time you know exactly why you took that photo in the first place. PhotoNote is a simple and easy to use application that lets you take notes with photos.


If you are a fan of online shopping, this app will come in very handy for you. With this application, you can promptly access tracking information for 60 delivery services like Australia Post, New Zealand Post, TNT, DHL Express, FedEx, UPS, USPS, Royal Mail and so on.

ShopShop – Shopping List

ShopShop is a simple, easy and free shopping list app. Whether you want to create a wish list of all the items that you want for your birthday, a list of things to get for a friend’s hens or a list of items that you are getting after the next pay day, this is the perfect little app to keep track of it all.

Discount Price Lite

Want to find out how much you are actually saving/paying if an online store tells you that everything is 20% off this weekend? With this app, you can just input the price of the item and then simple press the correct percentage button to find out exactly what you will pay and how much you will save.

Tap Mall: Spring

Tap Mall: Spring is the # 1 Mall fashion game in the Appstore. The app lets you build and run your own successful, profitable fashion store and show off to all your friends! This is a fun and engaging game which gives you a feel about what it means to have your own fashion boutique.

Percentage Calculator

Don’t be put off by the plain looking user interface of this app. Percentage Calculator is an easy and free percentage calculator which lets you calculate the percentage between any two numbers. For example, if a lipstick that is retailed at $24.99 is being discounted to $15.99, you can find out how much percent are you saving quickly and easily. With this app, there is no more second guessing or trying to do maths in your head.