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10 Stylish Ways to Wear Tote Bags This Summer

ByLucille Wood

May 20, 2024

Introduction: The versatility of tote bags

Imagine the outfit. Imagine a summery day. Imagine the bag on your shoulder. Ok, I must admit — that sunny summer day — it might just be imagined a little bit. But the great outfit? Yup, real. And that shapely tote on your shoulder? Believe it or not, you can make the tote be totally real too. Not only do tote bags make practical carryalls, they’re also spectacular accessories that you can bring into play with nearly any summer look! Planning on going to the beach? Tote bag. Ready for a fun night out on the town with friends? Tote bag. Headed to work? Tote bag. In this blog post, we’ll cover 10 stylish ways to tote the tote this summer, so you’ll find all the inspiration you need to rock your bag with style wherever you go!

Tote bags for a casual summer day

Going out for a casual summer day? Tote bags are a great way to pull together your outfit. For a laid-back look, pick a simple canvas or straw tote. Pair it with a floaty sundress and simple sandals for a cute, breezy outfit.

Got too many things to carry? Need a big bag? Don’t worry – a big tote can store anything you need! Put sunscreen, sunglasses, and a water bottle in it, and you’re ready to run errands around town or meet up with friends to go to brunch. Tote bags are versatile. Go anywhere!

With summer approaching, make sure you have a tote bag or two at the ready for spontaneous shopping trips to the local market or just to stroll around the park with. Opt for earthy tones or bright hues to match your adventurous spirit and the exuberance of the season; may your tote be your sidekick this summer as you revel in life’s spontaneity.

Dressing up with a tote bag for a night out

Heading out for a night on the town but you’ve got to carry your original, autographed hardback copy of Lady Chatterley’s Lover with you? Pair a leather tote in a slinky bold colour or metallic finish with a little black dress and a pair of statement heels for an instantly stylish evening.

If your style leans more towards a darker vibe, choose a studded or embellished tote bag to add an extra fashionable edge. This on-trend accessory will be able to transform even the most basic of looks into one with an edge and a certain flair. No dark bar or club dancefloors will be safe from your tote bag.

By choosing a mini tote bag with decorative trim (fringe, embroidery) you can still get the elegant detail but the small, scale size is perfect for carrying a few necessities as a styling tool to elevate your entire look. Mix materials and textures to create contrast and an all-over interesting effect that sets you apart.

Let your imagination come through in your night-out look. Put together a monochrome look or select a few quirky accessories for your tote bag. The possibilities are endless.

Tote bags as a beach or poolside accessory

Are you planning on heading to the beach this summer or perhaps to a pool party this weekend? If so, make sure to grab your tote bag. Your tote bag will not only be a stylish choice, but it will also help you easily carry all the accessories you need for your outing including sunscreen, sunglasses, a book and more importantly a cold drink. Choose a material that is water proof or easily cleaned to ensure that sand and water does not ruin your precious belongings.

Find a happy print or bright colour to match your casual summer vibe – perhaps a nautical stripe or an anchor image. Pair your tote with a floppy hat, oversized sunglasses and a pair of strappy sandals, and you will look like the best-dressed woman at the beach or poolside.

Invest in a bigger tote with multiple compartments to separate your wet swimmers from your purse contents, durable shoulders that can hold an unexpectedly heavy load of towels and snacks, and maybe some cheery charms or keychains to add some personality.

Whether you’re lazing by the water or walking by the beach, you should match her tote bag with your beach outfit for being stylish.She uses tote bags as a beach or poolside accessory to be fashionable and practical at the same time.

Tote bags for work or business meetings

Tote bags make good accessories for work and business meetings. A structured, clean-lined tote in black, navy or beige is businesslike and will make commuting with photo copier paper easier. You can zero in on your presentation by taping your notes in at least two different pockets inside your tote bag.

Choose a leather or good-quality canvas tote bag for longevity as well as class, and secure it with a silk scarf around the top of the bag handle. As for size, make sure that it will comfortably fit your laptop, notebook and other work essentials without being too bulky.

Adapt your work wardrobe with whatever colour palette your outfit coordinates with a tote bag. Wear the colour of your outfit with a monochrome trend or wear a print with a print of the tote bag. Pair up your tote to liven up your work outfit.Versatility is the code to the fashion way of life.

Styling a tote bag with athleisure wear

Ever wondered how to effortlessly style a tote bag to look like a chic addition to sportswear? You will want to sport your tote bag with athleisure.

Pair this crop top and puffy shorts with leggings or biker shorts for an effortless yet fashionable outfit – you can throw on a pair of sneakers and a chic minimalist tote bag to carry all your belongings on the way.

Add a more minimalist tote in shades of taupe and navy if you want to keep a lower profile, or choose to ball out with neon hues or vibrant patterns. Or throw in different textures to add some depth to your athleisure: bring out the nylon, the canvas, the leather.

Courtesy www.designhunter.netWhether you need to run errands or meet friends for a latte after a yoga class, a chic tote bag with your athleisure ensemble will look great and make life easier than your sweaty gym bag. So dress comfortably while dressing well this summer!

Mixing and matching patterns and colors with tote bags

For tote bags this summer, try mixing and matching patterns and bright colours for an instant style upgrade. Be fearless with bright prints or unexpected hues for a touch of personality.

You can complement hand-made crafts with store-bought ones: try to put a floral printed tote with a striped dress for that cute bohemian and arty look. Wearing different prints such as polka dots and geometric prints at the same time is also a great idea for your next fashion explosion.

If you don’t want to scream, then you can play it more low-key with complementary colours that go together well; for instance, picture a tote that is black and white: pastel clothing makes it look very chic and elegant. It goes with anything.

Just have fun clashing patterns and colours this summer to personalise your fave tote!

Upcycling old totes into trendy statement pieces

Old totes make for great upcycle projects that will keep you on trend this summer and are a fun eco-friendly way to refresh your summer wardrobe. Roll up those old, worn-down tote bags and give them a fashionable face-lift by embellishing them with patches, pins, or even paint.

Add some fringe or tassels anywhere on it to give the tote a boho-chic vibe, add some lace trim to it to give it a romantic look, take an old scarf and use it to make a colourful bag strap, or stud the tote up with studs and spikes for a punky look. These are all fantastic ways to trash up your totes.

And not only by saving stuff from the landfill, but by also creating one-of-a-kind accessories to showcase your style, so start digging through the back of your closet and get upcycling!

Personalizing your tote Bag

Camouflaging your tote bag by adding patches, pins, embroidery or paint is a playful way to create your own design. Tote bags can be customised in many ways, and personalisation is a great way to give your tote either a feature that symbolises you, or a unique pattern that flatters your taste and sense of style. Personalise your tote by adding something to your tote that aligns well with who you are.

And these 10 amazing ways to wear totes for summer will let you do just that, for every occasion this summer from casual lunch to a meeting at work, or to spend a day at the beach, this essential bag for women is a must to have. So don’t be afraid to experiment, mix and match and have fun with your fashionable totes this summer.