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Before A Haircut, Ask Your Barber These Questions

ByLucille Wood

Nov 8, 2021


Miscommunication between barber and customer can lead to a poor haircut. Here are 6 questions you should ask your barber before getting a haircut.

#1 What Are Your Qualifications?

Before you ask for a haircut, make sure to verify his qualifications and experience. It is important to find out if the barber has been licensed and has had experience in cutting hair. This will allow you to choose the right barber for you. You will be left with a bad haircut and a frown if the barber isn’t qualified.

#2 Can I View Previous Work?

If you are still unsure if the barber should be trusted with your hair, you can ask him to show you pictures of his past work so you can have a look and decide if he is competent enough. Ask him to show you pictures of the cut you want so you can see the final result.

#3 Which Haircut Is Best for Me?

Once you’ve trusted your barber to cut and style your hair, you can now use his knowledge and ask him which haircut will suit your face and hair type best. Barbers are skilled at cutting hair and styling different hair types. This will allow them to know which haircut will best enhance your features and make you look younger.

What Does It Mean?

Barbers use their own terminology when working on haircuts. This can make it confusing for those who don’t know much about haircuts and any related terms. If your barber uses a term that is not familiar to you while discussing your hairstyle, don’t be afraid to ask. It will help you and your barber to communicate better about the perfect haircut.

#5 Which Products Are You Using?

We often try to style our hair the same way as the barber, but fail. Then we wonder why? The most common reason is usually the products used by the barber to fix your hair. To avoid any confusion, ask your barber what products he used to set your hair.

#6 When Should I Get My Next Haircut?

Ask your barber when you should have your next haircut. Barbers are skilled at determining when hair needs to be trimmed or styled again, before it becomes unruly.

These 6 questions will help you eliminate any confusion between yourself and your barber. This will result in a great haircutting experience. RingMyBarber.com is a great place to find the best barbers in your local area.

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