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Food Trainers – A Weight Management Discovery That Can Benefit Your Entire Family

ByLucille Wood

Jan 29, 2023

Food Trainers – A Weight Management Discovery That Can Benefit Your Entire Family

Helping my audience discover solutions to obesity and eating disorders is one of my passions and I’d like to share information about the work of Foodtrainers – a private practice in New York. Foodtrainers counsels individuals and families on health and related matters such as weight management. Their latest program is called Market Foodtraining. This is a unique program designed to empower their customers toward smarter shopping. The program includes tours of their favorite local grocery store to educate them on the best tactics and techniques.

The customer walks away with a better understanding of what’s good for them and what is not, as well as value lessons to help the consumer get more for their money. The goal is to enable the customer to become a better shopper at the grocery store – saving them time, money and improving their health and overall consumption patterns.

Imagine if every shopper was armed with the knowledge and savvy of an experienced dietitian?

Foodtrainers is run by Lauren Slayton, MS RD who has over a decade of experience as both a dietitian and counselor.

The program was developed by Lauren so that customers could have a low cost way to access quality nutrition advice and the tours typically have only 3-5 people. The program costs $150 per group and that sure beats any price for a comparable nutrition session for any one individual. The program also includes a Foodtrainers’ shopping bag, grocery list and a supply of seasonal recipes.

In the end, Lauren’s clients spend an average of 25% less at the check-out stand. Heck, that savings alone pays for the training in just a few short weeks.

According to their site: “Lauren Slayton MS RD received her undergraduate degree from Tulane University where she graduated cum laude with honors in Sociology. She completed her Masters degree in Clinical Nutrition at New York University. Prior to opening Foodtrainers, Lauren worked at St Luke’s-Roosevelt obesity research unit and was a nutritionist at Equinox fitness clubs.”

Lauren stays busy with lectures and conferences on food and nutrition. Her presence extends across the internet, print media and TV including: Allure, Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, Cooking Light, Harper’s Bazaar, Hamptons, Self, Fitness, WebMD, The New York Post, John Stewart’s Daily Show, ABC’s Eyewitness News, The Early Show, Fox News, Mike and Juliet and Martha Stewart.

Our country would be a lot better off if these types of programs were offered in every city and neighborhood across America.