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Grocery Shopping For Weight Loss – How To Do It Right And Lose Weight Fast

ByLucille Wood

Oct 16, 2022

Grocery Shopping For Weight Loss – How To Do It Right And Lose Weight Fast

If you have recently embraced a weight loss diet for the first time, re-stacking your kitchen can be a bewildering task. What are the right things to pick at the grocery store and what kind of strategies work best? Here are some tips and suggestions to make your grocery shopping for weight loss a success.

Learn To Read and Interpret Labels

Successful grocery shopping for losing weight requires very attentive eyes and mind. Commercial labels that begin with ‘light’ or ‘lite’ can be highly misleading, and sometimes manufacturers count on people not reading the fine print or being aware of what they are picking. Sometimes ‘lite mayo’, ‘light dressing’ or ‘light cookies’ may refer to the lower fat in these products. But guess what? To compensate for the low fat, manufacturers often add more sugar or syrup, and the ‘light’ version actually ends up having more calories than the regular! Remember, a weight loss diet is not primarily about cutting fat, but cutting calories. So, the next time you want to put something ‘light’ in your cart, make sure you check the calories and compare it to the regular version.

When you learn to become more aware of what you are choosing for your weight loss plan, you may even realize that in some products, the calorie and/or fat difference between regular and light products is so insignificant as to not matter. So, you might as well ignore the light mayo with five calories less per serving. Except for a compromise in taste, you will not be gaining any weight loss benefit. For a ‘light’ product to be truly beneficial, it should have at least 30% less calories than the original, and about 25% less fats.

Plan in Advance

Before you go grocery shopping for weight loss, have a clear plan in place and know your inventories well. The idea is that you should have enough healthy food items at home to last you till your next grocery trip. If you don’t have healthy ingredients at hand the next time you are home tired or working, you will be tempted to simply order a pizza and be done with it. If you have to have a pizza, get one when you really want it or want to treat yourself for sticking to your fat loss diet, rather than out of hunger.

Shopping for Fruits and Vegetables

It is best if your vegetable shopping is also done according to a weekly meal plan. It will save you the burden of planning and preparing during the week, when you are busy. Also, make sure that your grocery trip involves a visit to the fruit stall. Fruits are the healthiest snack possible in any weight loss diet, and the best answer to those sugar cravings. They are also an essential source of vital micro-nutrients, including minerals and vitamins.

Don’t Practice Self-Denial

Finally, when you go grocery shopping for your weight loss diet, don’t walk down the aisles with a Spartan mindset of complete denial towards everything you find tasteful and exciting. That can be very frustrating. An occasional cookie or piece of chocolate or toast with jam won’t do you any harm, if your weight loss diet is packed in with healthy low calorie foods.

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