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Grocery Shopping For Weight Loss – My Favorite Weight Loss Tip

ByLucille Wood

Jul 1, 2022

Grocery Shopping For Weight Loss – My Favorite Weight Loss Tip

Finding a diet that works for you can be a challenging and confusing endeavor. There are a lot of fads out there. Diets that are popular for a time, but as people realize how unsustainable or unhealthy they are, they fade out and are replaced by the next new thing. So how do you know what is going to make you skinny and healthy for a lifetime? What is truly the best “diet” out there?

Well first of all, let’s ditch the word diet. The word diet conjures up thoughts of a horrible time of restriction and guilt. Of hunger pangs and cravings. The way to lose the fat and stay skinny for life is not to go on a diet, but to change the way you think about food. There are a few simple steps you can make to gradually change the way you eat, and in doing so get the body that has been so elusive with all the “diets”.

My most important tip to changing the way you eat is changing the way you shop. Grocery stores are full of processed sugars and grains, which are playing havoc with your insulin system and keeping you fat. If at all possible, shop at your local farmers market for your weeks ration of groceries. Look for recipes that call for whole foods that can be bought at such markets.

If a farmers market is not a possibility due to season or location, try this little trick; stick to the outside circle of your grocery store. Think about it, each grocery store is set up practically the same with all the whole foods such as vegetables and fruits, meats and dairy pushed up against the outside walls. Inside these walls are isles and isles of processed box meals, cereals, crackers, and cookies. By sticking to the outer circle of your grocery store, you will be ensuring to buy healthy, whole foods.