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Grocery Shopping for Whole Foods

ByLucille Wood

Oct 30, 2022

Grocery Shopping for Whole Foods

Coming up with new, healthy meal ideas can be a challenge. We often get stuck in a rut of eating the same foods everyday. This can get boring and repetitive. It is for this reason that we tend to stray away from a healthy eating plan. We get sick of the same foods so we revert back to our old eating habits. This article will provide you with ways to avoid this by buying new and diverse whole foods.

1. Expand your knowledge of food

When at the grocery store in the produce section, surrounded by fruits and vegetables, some people don’t recognize over half of the food they see. There are so many different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Often times, we get stuck eating the ones we have grown up with and are used to. It is so important to try new whole foods! Adding different nutrients into your diet through different foods is great for your body. I have made it all goal to try all the fruits and vegetables I can. You never know what you may be missing out on.

2. Stick to whole grains

Shopping for whole grains can sometimes be tricky. A lot of food companies like to trick us into thinking something is whole grain when it isn’t. For example, stay away from multi-grain products. Multi-grain isn’t the same as whole grain, often times it contains mostly white refined flour with only a few other grains. Stick to whole grain or whole wheat foods such as pasta, tortillas, and bread. Always make sure to read the labels first!

3. Avoid meat

Rather than getting your iron and protein from meat, get it from other whole foods. Meat has a high amount of saturated fat and has been known to lead to heart disease. Other foods that you can buy rather than meat to get the nutrients you need are beans, vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains.

Sticking to a whole foods diet can be difficult, but if you stick to these tips and avoid eating the same foods every day, it can be made simple.