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How to Find Grocery Shopping Deals For May

ByLucille Wood

Jul 13, 2022

How to Find Grocery Shopping Deals For May

‘It was a frustrating day’. Brandy, a veteran member of the community tells – “My first May shopping was today. I spent $68.82. This was $20 more than I planned for.” The reason brandy explained, “The $1.50 cereal was all out”, and “Then I headed to Winn Dixie for a deal on the flour tortillas we love. They were all out.”

So, if you did not find the item you were looking for, you could better have gotten a rain check! Another member floated this advice.

The lesson, you cannot just leave any stone unturned when it comes to money savings.

‘Hope to keep better track of expenses in the coming months’, that is what a lot of people remark near the flag end of the month.

People, who are always driven by spending spree, not only ruin their bank balances but also somehow can de-shape the financial plans of other people surrounding them staring from their very own family.

The effect may be severe.

They make decisions based on impulse. They guide others to do so. When a $10 T-shirt would suffice, such people could end up spending $250 for branded apparels. If you have decided to spend judiciously, it is better to stay away from their sphere of influence. If such a person is a part of your family, rest of the family members must educate that person to develop a savings habit. A constructive way is to set a savings target for the family as a part of a big investment plan and tell that person to contribute towards that purpose.

For parents, their children are likely to be over pampered if the parents are not cautious about budget. And if the kids also decide to accelerate the spending momentum initiated by their parents, the family is sure to see the ultimatum unless it has ownership of one Treasure Island!

Jason Price, a guest blogger on has correctly pointed out – ‘most families have a saver and a spender’ and Jason has also explained how to keep both of them happy. Jason’s three-way remedy includes setting savings and spending boundaries, keep a balance and communicate with both groups.

Problem will be complicated, if, the head of the family falls under the ‘spender’ group!

Who will bear the responsibility to set spending boundaries? Who will keep vigil over all expenses?

I was addicted to a blog from one Mize living in Portugal! She had the project to build her own country home. It was addictive to see her commitment for the project – the day-to-day cost cutting measures, always looking for the deals in the departmental stores, and to take full advantage of every single savings opportunity.

Her story teaches us, it is not a question of May, June, or July savings. It is neither a question of savings on domestic supplies alone. You need to frame a budget, set a plan and your final purchase decision must be approved by your budget limit at the first instance.

It should be like a self-imposed rule.

In case, you do not have the fund, defer your purchase. But never break the rule. Inspire your family members to follow the rule by setting example.

That home was built eventually, the beautiful country home of Mize from her own day-to-day savings.