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How to Save Time and Money Grocery Shopping

ByLucille Wood

Nov 7, 2022

How to Save Time and Money Grocery Shopping

The economy is the driving force behind shopping today, producing advantages for customers, which is a shopping boom. Shopping with coupons has been around for centuries. It is rumored that the Romans used different fauna varieties to trade for special clothing and products. Today, this trade between manufacturers and consumers is called coupons. Coupons are widely offered in various product stores, such as clothing, grocery, appliance, home improvement stores, etc.

Coupon shopping is a daily conversation. Friends and family come together or notify each other, concerning coupons, identified in various local newspapers, printable coupons through free downloadable browsers or toolbars, pop up e-mail, or mass mailing. Shopping without coupons, now seems unconscionable. Stores are enticing shoppers with buy 1, get 1 free, or “BOGO” – and it works. Consumers are shopping almost daily, because to pass up these specials seems ludicrous.

Other coupons that are a frugal savings, are “double coupons.” These are coupons, issued by manufacturers, who offer twice the face value of each coupon. The double coupons are limited and are offered at special days of the week or affixed to a special sale. Double coupons are offered in two different ways. One, the consumers wins, because it is double the savings. Secondly, double coupons persuade shoppers to purchase an extra item.

Frugal shopping techniques, brings us to another discipline in grocery shopping – online shopping! In the 1950’s you could call and order groceries, to be delivered to your home. Many online grocery stores have web sites, set up in aisles format, featuring meats, produce, beauty aides, etc. For the busy family and individuals, shopping online is accomplished through many secure online grocery stores. Online stores offer discount groceries, with the same coupon options, for those of us who still walk into a grocery store, which is BOGO and double coupons.

The online grocery stores, help consumers keep track of their shopping habits, provide express shopping, offer foods by personal healthy options, provide organic foods, and items by brand name, all without the hassle of carrying grocery bags. With “word of mouth,” online shopping has increased exponentially. Online stores are set up like walk-in stores, they have warehouses that offer stay fresh guarantees on deliveries. Signing up for the first time, generates an offer of free shipping and delivery. In general, the fees for online shopping are very reasonable since it is still a relatively unchartered arena.