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Leadership Really Matters

ByLucille Wood

Jul 22, 2022

Leadership Really Matters

Walt Disney was truly the dreamer of all dreamers, but he was no different than you or me. All of us are dreamers.

Many of us are really big dreamers. Walt Disney believed enough in his dreams to make sure they became a reality. He went out and pursued them. Can you imagine a world without Disneyland? Me neither.

Think about a boat sitting in the harbour. Although it’s a safe place to be anchored, is that what it was built to do? Just sit there in the harbor? Of course not. It was built to get out there and sail the world, carry its cargo from one place to another to fulfill its purpose. Just like you.

So many people sit and dream, but that’s as far as they go. They play it safe; frightened of what might be out there if they really achieved their dreams.

But there is a price that is paid when we don’t achieve our dreams. We cheat the world out of what could have been. We cheat ourselves out who we could have been. And, very importantly, we cheat others whose lives we could have changed.

We definitely make a difference when we pursue our dreams. We change people’s lives as well as our own. We affect the world in a positive way by putting out the energy of doing, of dreaming! We inspire others to do the same.

How exciting to think of an empty harbor and a packed ocean.

Be more than a dreamer; be courageous and go now and turn your dreams into reality!