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Magna Tiles 100 Pieces: A Toy That Makes Learning Fun

ByLucille Wood

Mar 2, 2023

Magna Tiles 100 Pieces: A Toy That Makes Learning Fun

If you are thinking about buying the Magna Tiles 100 piece set for your little one, you should read this article. In this article you will learn why Magna Tiles are so popular, how they help children learn and how to get a good deal online.

What Makes Magna Tiles So Popular?

Magna Tiles have won several prestigious awards including Dr. Toy “10 Best Education Toys,” a Parent’s Choice Gold Award and “Toy of the Year” from Parenting Magazine.

What is it that makes this toy so popular? It is a combination of several things. First, the tiles are sturdy, magnetic geometric shapes while allow kids to build both flat and three dimensional objects. This allows for both open ended play and an opportunity to learn while playing. The multitude of shapes and color offers endless possibilities and options for building all sorts of shapes and structures.

What Do Children Learn When Playing With Magna Tiles?

Children learn about science and math by building shapes and creating patterns using brightly colored translucent, magnetic tiles.

Designed for children three years of age and older, the tiles are a great introduction to spatial problem-solving tasks, logical thinking and mathematical reasoning.

Children’s creativity and problem solving skills are stimulated and developed as they design and assemble cubes, pyramids and other geometric shapes. Better yet, the tiles allow for hours of unstructured play time and help children develop their motor skills.

Why Shopping Online is the Best Way to Get A Good Deal

Shopping online is a great way to make sure you are getting a good deal when buying Magna Tiles. While regular brick and mortar stores offer sales and special deals from time to you, they sometimes run out of stock, especially for a toy as in demand as the Magna Tile 100 Piece set.

Also, when you consider the amount of time it takes to pack up the kids, drive to the store, find parking, find the item you are looking for and then finally stand in line to pay, it’s a wonder that anyone has time to go shopping at the mall!

Shopping online is a great way to compare prices and also read reviews about a product before you purchase it. This way you make sure you are getting a good deal in both terms of your time, fit for your child and most importantly price.

While you could look at multiple web sites when researching prices and reviews, it much easier just to find a web site that has already done the research for you.