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Practical Tips to Save Money on Food

ByLucille Wood

Dec 20, 2022

Practical Tips to Save Money on Food

In this article we explore some real-world, practical tips to save money on food, and the sooner you learn them the better off you’ll be! Why? Because shopping for groceries in Australia is similar to shopping for groceries in many other parts of the world. Namely, you can spend a fortune on food if you don’t regulate your buying habits! As tempting as it is to say that you can save money on food by eating less, in truth the smartest practical tips to save money on food begin with good ‘ol common sense (or perhaps we should spell that ‘cents’).

Eat in, not out.

One of the biggest tips to save money on food should begin with you eating in a lot more than eating out. When you eat in a restaurant you’re not only paying for the food, but you’re paying for the cook who prepares the meal, the location you are at, the silverware, place-settings and who knows what else! Here’s a fun little game: think of how much you spent the last time you ate in a restaurant. Now take that dollar amount and see how many groceries you can actually buy! Talk about spending power! A good yardstick is: one night out = 3 days worth of groceries!

As long we we’re tossing out practical tips to save money on food, don’t forget to take a few minutes and prepare a shopping list and always, make that ALWAYS check for free grocery coupons offered at Aussie supermarket chains. If you’re shopping without a list you’re leaving yourself wide open for impulse buying, and everyone knows that impulse buying is the root of all supermarket evil. Stick to your list and do not deviate from it. If you forgot an item, add it to next week’s list and limit your grocery-buying trips to once-per-week.

The Joy of Coupons

Look for discount coupons and don’t be afraid to use them. Coupons are printed for a reason: they can save you a small fortune if used each time you shop.

Generic is Good!

Consumers are practically brainwashed into thinking that name-brands make a difference on the dinner table on in the kitchen or bathroom. Truth is, generic, no-name merchandise is often just as good or better than more popular brands and decidedly less expensive. This is never more true than in the areas of over-the-counter drugs and baby products! So shop for the generic brand items and start saving money.

Love the One You’re with, but Shop Alone

Grocery shopping may be a lot less tedious if you have the company of your spouse, but ultimately you’ll bring home a lot more than you bargained for. To that end, perhaps the most important of the practical tips to save money on food is to always do your grocery shopping ALONE! Leave the kids and most certainly your spouse at the movies or at home in the pool. You’ll find that you not only spend less but you get your grocery shopping done sooner than you ever imagined possible.

So remember: go slow, think it out and shop alone. You’ll save money, time and your health!