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Skincare Philosophy – Discover The 4 Basic Principles Every Reputable Cosmetic Company Should Have

ByLucille Wood

Nov 30, 2022

Skincare Philosophy – Discover The 4 Basic Principles Every Reputable Cosmetic Company Should Have

Does the company you buy from have the right skincare philosophy? If not, you may as well find one that really cares more about you than the money they make off you; this article is going to tell you the 4 basic ethical principles a reputable cosmetic company should have.

You should remember that skincare philosophy is not a law; hence, it is not enforceable by any government; however, every company has a moral obligation to have policies and operating principles that add more value to their customers. The sad thing is, majority of the companies are more interested in their profits than the quality of goods and services they offer their customers.

4 principles that make up a good skincare philosophy

1. Research and Development – Every reputable company should spend enough money and time in researching and developing their products in order to give the best to their customers. However, most of the mainstream companies and manufacturers of popular brands would rather spend such money on flashy advertisements; at the end of the day, little amount of money is spent on research and development, thereby leading to substandard end products.

So, when you see a flashy advertisement or a product that is endorsed by one of your favorite celebrities, you assume that the brand is the best; unfortunately, when you use the product, you find out that it does not perform as expected.

2.Harmful ingredients – Another vital skincare philosophy every good company should adopt is to not use harmful ingredients; there are so many harmful chemicals being used in the cosmetic industry today. Some of these chemicals include parabens, fragrances, glycol, dioxane, DEA and TEA; these are very harsh to the skin and harmful to the human body. Hence, you should buy from companies that use 100% natural ingredients because they are gentler on the skin and more compatible with the human body.

3. Scientifically proven ingredients – The company should also use natural ingredients that are proven to nourish and rejuvenate the skin; some of the ingredients that really get the job done include Cynergy TK, Co-enzyme Q10, Natural Vitamin E, jojoba oil, Maracuja and Active Manuka honey.

4. Excellent customer service – An ethical skincare philosophy also entails having excellent customer service; that means that the company should always provide necessary information that will help the customer make good buying decisions. The company should also attend to the customers’ questions and complaints on time; they should also have good return policy.

If you want effective skin care products, you should always buy from a company that has a skincare philosophy that incorporates the above mentioned ethical principles.

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