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Telltale Signs That You Have Too Much Stuff

ByLucille Wood

Dec 21, 2023

In a world obsessed with never ending interior design and fashion trends, endless hauls, and the access to easy shipping from every corner of the world, it’s easy to lose track of how much stuff we accumulate over the years. Some stuff have sentimental value, others are nothing more than an impulse buy, yet every one of them clutters our homes. However, once the line between a cozy, maximalist living room and a completely overwhelming space was crossed, it is time to make a change. Here are a few unmistakable signs that your material possessions started possessing you.

You Lose Regularly Used Items

Constantly losing your stuff, especially those that you use on a regular basis, should be the first thing to ring a bell that you need to urgently clean out your place. If you can’t find your keys when in a rush and you wonder in which of the ten cupboards you put the tupperware, you need to create a special place for every item. This will help you know exactly where your most important or prized possessions are so you’ll never find yourself on a wild goose chase for them.

You Don’t Know Where to Start Decluttering

It often happens that even if you acknowledge that you need to minimize the number of things that you own, you still have no idea where to start and everything feels too overwhelming. To make this journey easier, we recommend starting with the high-traffic areas that you use the most such as the living room, bedroom, and entryway. Find a decluttering technique that works for you and stick to it when cleaning. For example, you can set a timer for 15 minutes and only declutter the things that are on the surface, without delving into the drawers. Remember: small changes lead to big results.

You Never Know What to Wear

How many times have you stared at your wardrobe that was basically crammed with clothes and thought that you have nothing to wear? If the answer is “too many times to count”, then you’re probably a victim of fast-fashion and the artificially-created idea that you need the same top in three colors to be a truly stylish person. Replace your worn out clothes and accessories with some classic alternatives that will never go out of style. For instance, instead of getting five “trendy” hats that won’t be in vogue next season and will end up in the depth of your closet, get one classic cap that you can use to top off any look. Check out Keilys’ collection of classy tweed caps and hats that are durable enough to last a lifetime and versatile so that they can be a good match for every outfit.

You Hold Onto Things

Similar to the previous point, holding onto things can also be a sign of hoarding. We all have that sentimental corner filled with objects that transport us back to cherished moments. However, if those sentimental items are multiplying faster than rabbits and every trinket seems to hold profound emotional value, we sadly have to announce that you’re trapped. The exact same thing can be applied to those things that you hold onto telling yourself that you might need them in the future. There’s nothing wrong with having a memory box filled with small tokens of meaningful moments, but don’t let the nostalgia suffocate you.