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The Healing Power and Beauty of Crystals

ByLucille Wood

Aug 17, 2017

You know that you can wear jewelry for its beauty alone. Do you know you can also wear it for the healing power it holds? There is jewelry that holds power to take away aches and pains. There is jewelry that provides your body with energy.

Having amazed people for years crystals are beautiful simple formations of rocks. It forms crystals when atoms or molecules are packed under pressure. Crystals form in all sizes and shapes. We have used them for many things including radios and watches. Today they make many of the crystals in laboratories. Each crystal has its own characteristic. Most healing jewelry can be found online.

While it can do all of this, it can also be functional and beautiful. The astrophyllite which is a rare stone from Russia helps you to yourself from the outside. It helps us to know what our purpose in life is and that the only limits we face are the ones that we force upon yourself. It helps you to let go of things so that you can bring new things into your life. Black tourmaline is another powerful stone. It also protects against negative energy that comes from other people.

Crystals are the most popular and most well-known of all healing stones.  Crystals date back thousands of years and are used for many healing purposes. The word crystal comes from the Greek word krystallos. Kristal means clear ice.   People have worn them not only for their beauty but as a talisman against various evils. The most popular crystals are;

Iron Pyrite
Tiger Eye
Raw Emerald
Quartz Crystal

Iron Pyrite also known as fool’s gold promotes energy, strength, and vitality. It helps you to overcome bad habits and put new ones into place. We know it as fool’s gold because of its coloring making it look like real gold. The Tiger’s Eye crystal is also known as “The Shapeshifter”. The Tiger’s Eye helps to change your negative feelings into courage. It gives you the self-confidence to do the things you need to do to make your life a success. The Hematite with its shiny reddish-brown coloring comes from the Greek word meaning blood stone. This is because when you find one it is covered in rust. It is another stone that can give you strength. The Emerald is the success in love crystal. It brings to the person wearing it domestic bliss. If it changes color, it can mean someone is unfaithful. It helps to heal emotions and the heart bringing harmony to all areas of the wearer’s life. The Quartz crystal is the most common of all crystals. They are a gift from Mother Earth. When wearing the Quartz crystal opens the heart to a higher power. Native American Indians, Aztecs, and Romans believed the Quartz crystal brought diagnostic healing and spiritual development. They were believed to dispel evil.

These are just some crystals available. You can find a crystal made into jewelry for any type of healing you may need. Crystals have been around since the medieval days and will continue to stay around as long as people believe in them. They are nice to have if only for their beauty but when you have their healing power, you get the best of two worlds.