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Which is Better – Online Or Offline Shopping?

ByLucille Wood

Aug 4, 2022

Which is Better – Online Or Offline Shopping?

These days, you can buy practically online that could be found offline; from groceries to prescription drugs to clothes; the list goes on. Everyone has their own reasons for choosing whether they prefer to shop online or in a brick and mortar store. No one reason is better than another and the decision is usually centered around what best fits your lifestyle. For example, some disabled people may have to rely on online shopping more if they do not have someone to get the items for them. And someone who prefers locally grown produce may not choose the online option for groceries.

The most obvious factor to consider when deciding if online or offline shopping is better for you is time. If you need something the same day or in less than two days then going to a retail store is clearly the better choice. While a few companies have same or next day shipping, that is not always the case. And the ship date is not always the same as the delivery date. It can take up to ten business days to receive your order when shopping online. That may be worth the wait for you depending on the deal you are getting or other convenience factors. Another thing to think about is price. Sometimes you can find a better price online versus going into a store and vice versa. Looking at offers online and in local ads can help you make the decision. One of the price factors that effects my decision is the shipping cost. It is also the main reason that I do most of my shopping offline. Many online retailers will offer a discount or even free shipping if you spend a certain dollar amount. That amount is usually $50 or more depending on the merchant.

Convenience is another factor to consider and is subjective or open to personal opinion. For some it is more convenient to go to the stores in or around their homes and jobs. Others find not having to leave their homes and still being able to make purchases as a convenience. The reasons and motivations for shopping preferences are endless. In the end, do what is best for you and your wallet. The choice is entirely up to you. Happy shopping!