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Why Golf Is Better With Tiger Woods

ByLucille Wood

Nov 21, 2022

Why Golf Is Better With Tiger Woods

When you think about the greatest golfers of all time, Tiger Woods will most certainly be at the top of that list. Tiger has created an empire and has become the first ever billionaire athlete. The sport of golf has been missing Tiger lately. Ever since his scandal on Thanksgiving day in 2009, Tiger has fallen from the number one ranked golfer to 17th after spending more than five years at the number one spot. He showed some signs of greatness this year finishing in the top 5 in the masters, but the injuries to his leg look like they might disrupt his season this year. As a fan of golf, I have not been as interested in the major tournaments lately as I usually am. The best time to watch golf is during the final round of a tournament on Sunday with Tiger, wearing his usual Sunday red shirt, competing against a variety of amateurs in a sort of David vs Goliath type of scenario. Every sport needs star power to draw attention to it, and Tiger is the Michael Jordan of golf. Take a look at Tiger’s accomplishments. With his 14 major championship wins, he is only four major wins away from tying Jack Nicklaus’ all time record of 18.

Golf has not been the same since the incident on Thanksgiving night in 2009. Obviously I believe Tiger was wrong for what he did, but I believe his biggest mistake was going to “Sex Rehab”. Really? Sex rehab? It seems like any celebrity who gets caught in a sex scandal now a days says they have no control over it. They try to turn themselves into the victim, but I am not buying. All it takes is a little self-control. Why couldn’t Tiger just come out and say that he was unhappy in his marriage and take full responsibility for it? It wasn’t until months later that he held a press conference to admit his actions, and he waited until after he was out of “rehab” to do so. That is what I was most upset with him about. People can try to turn him into a villain for what he did, but they weren’t involved in his marriage and nobody knows how his marriage was going except for him and his wife. I do not support cheating on your spouse, but I have no idea how Tiger’s life was behind closed doors.

I hope that Tiger Woods returns to the game as a dominant force. The game is better off with him playing in every tournament. It has also been interesting watching him play since the scandal occurred. Golf is a game that relies so much on mental strength and if he is able to overcome all of the criticism he has gotten over the past couple of years, I will simply be amazed at how resilient he is.