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Tips on Smart Shopping and Spending

ByLucille Wood

Aug 25, 2022

Tips on Smart Shopping and Spending

Seems to me our dollars just doesn’t stretch the way they used to on the same items we buy today that we use to buy a few year’s ago. here is some tips on smart shopping and spending that may help you gain back some of that dollar.

Grocery shopping can be a bit expensive but it’s something that has to be done from time to time, if you are a smart shopper and know how to grab the bargains you can really save some money.

First tip: coupon clipping. This may sound boring but if you have a little spare time on Sunday get yourself a newspaper, it’s normally filled with lots of valuable coupons, and some stores advertised there specials for the week in way you know where the deals are on the things you like most. Back to the coupons, to boost business some stores will run a double coupon on a certain day of the week, that means your coupon value is doubled in that store on that day.

Second tip: do you shop at one particular store a lot? If so make sure you have their savings card (if they have one) so you can be sure to get the advertised price. A lot of stores will reward you for using their card by automatically printing out coupons at the register to.

Final tip: these tips on smart shopping and spending would not be complete without this one to keep in mind.

Knowing a good deal from a not so good items are only on sale at a few pennies cheaper than the regular price, you can figure this out by comparing the sale tag to the regular price, and think to yourself are you really saving on this item? Sometimes deals come in bulk like three for five are two for five, do the math and see if you’re getting a good deal compared to the regular price of one. These are basic tips on smart shopping and spending, rest assured with stores competing the deals are better than ever and you can always benefit from this.