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Ways to Save in 2011

ByLucille Wood

Aug 26, 2022

Ways to Save in 2011

I am sure that many of you, like my family, are searching for ways to save some extra money in 2011. I have put together a list of 10 ways to save big this New Year!

1. Use coupons at the grocery store. Even if you are not an extreme couponer such as myself, you can start by using a few coupons here and there on your favorite products. You will quickly see how much that you can save by using coupons! Start slow and then gradually add in more coupons to your weekly shopping trip. You will be amazed at your savings within just one month’s time!

2. Build a stockpile of items. This tip goes hand-in-hand with couponing. When you favorite toothpaste or pasta sauce is on sale at the store and you can get it for a great price, stock up! If you have a stockpile of items on hand, you will cut your costs significantly. You will be able to shop from your own stockpile instead of having to make a trip to the store.

3. Have a “staycation” instead of a vacation. Now I know that for many of us, vacation is the one time of the year that we look forward to getting away from it all and relaxing. This year, to save money, why not see what activities and places of interest there are in your own backyard? This alone could save you hundreds of dollars if you plan in advance!

4. Carpool. I don’t have to tell you that the price of gas right now is insane! Why not see if you can carpool with a couple of co-workers to help cut gas costs or see if you can carpool with a couple of moms for school activities?

5. Sell old items to make some extra cash. Look around your house to see what items that you no longer use and sell them on eBay for some extra cash! Those old video games or pair of designer jeans may actually be worth something! You could also have a yard sale or take your gently used items to a local consignment store.

6. Make your own Coffee at home! Okay, this is one that I have to admit is my weakness! I love my Starbucks coffee, but as you well know, it can get rather expensive. That extra few dollars that you spend each week on coffee can add up after a year’s time!

7. Have a movie night at home. If you have been to the movies recently, you know that it can get rather expensive. Add on the soda and popcorn and you will have spent $50 before you even know it. Rent a movie from your local Redbox or Blockbuster Kiosk for $1, and pop some popcorn for the family for a fun movie night in.

8. Negotiate Credit Card Interest rates. Did you know that many companies will actually lower your interest rates if you just call them and ask them to do so? It is easier for them to lower your rates than to lose you as a customer.

9. Save on prescription drugs by choosing generic. Did you know that many of the medications that your doctor prescribes can actually be obtained in generic form? Generic medications can save Generic medications can save you as much as 50%! Also, don’t forget that many stores will offer you a gift card to their store with a new or transferred prescription.

10. Never pay full price for anything! From clothing to appliances to everything in between, make sure to check and see if there is a discount available.